The new trend of home market and scene marketing in ice and fire

The disruptive innovations brought about by the Internet are fierce, making traffic and channels a marketing advantage for innovative home brands. However, the Internet is entering the second half, traffic dividends are disappearing, and scene and experiential marketing are the new trends.

The hour hand turns to the fall, and in September, the home sales season of the home industry should be ushered in. In the past 100 years, the three hypermarkets of Zhongshan, Baoan and Caitian suddenly announced the closure. After the closure of Fuzhou and Chengdu in June and July. After the store, this is another large-scale closing operation in a hundred years.

“ In recent years, business is not good, many businesses are paying rents, and they have been busy for a year. In fact, the closing of the store is a matter of time, but the news came out, some dealers are fast, four or five. After the folding process was finished, I withdrew it. I still have some tail goods. I wanted to make the last cleaning of the double section and then go. I didn’t expect this to be closed. Oh, it’s a pity! A second-line brand dealer in Chengdu store. Shaking his head and sighing.

There is no such thing as a tragic call. Not only the dealers who have closed down the furniture store, but also the direct sales stores are struggling. Two years ago, more than 40 direct-operated stores were losing money. Guangzhou Zhuozhuo Furniture, which was established 23 years ago, went bankrupt. This year, a well-known brand direct-operated chain store was exposed to serious losses and low net interest rate, and was forced to close some branches.

According to the data of the home appliance dealers alliance, in 2016-2017, the closing rate of kitchen and bathroom stores is as high as 15%, the home appliance store is closing 21%, and the number of home building stores is countless, even to At present, there are still 50,000 furniture and building materials stores in the country facing a crisis of survival. Some have been in stores for ten or twenty years, and there are not many people and orders. Sometimes there is no order for several days.

Or suddenly quit or are swallowing the bitter bitterness of business. In fact, in the home industry, vacant, loss, and bankruptcy occur in batches every day. Home people have been proud of it. The days of making money in bed are long gone.

The bleak autumn wind is now, changed the world

Destructive innovation is fierce, the Internet has entered the home industry for ten years, “the traditional home with poor network feel, store pingyi The annual growth rate of innovative companies is low, and the companies that specialize in custom furniture such as Shangpin Home, Sophia and Europa have increased their sales growth by 111% in the past three years. 92% and 50%; while the Internet home brand that follows the growth of e-commerce, Lin’s Wood Industry has won the Tmall Double Eleven Furniture category five times in a row, and the GMV of the double eleven day in 2016 is as high as 610 million. The annual sales volume is almost 1 billion.

On the other hand, smart homes with human “IQ” have already attracted Internet giants such as BAT, Jingdong, Xiaomi, etc.; VR feng shui grew up under the savvy; new smart technologies such as Sandu Yunjiajia and other smart Home improvement technology service companies, their markets are also continuing to rise … on the one side of the “spring breeze, while the side is “cold, the old and new contrast, can be described as distinct, the traditional homes that have been vying for channels, brands, resources have to sigh, Lian quite old Hey.

Compared with traditional homes, new forces such as the Internet, O2O and custom homes are not only closely related to technology and the Internet, but also have extremes in terms of traffic, channels, product design and personalized marketing. Great advantage. According to the experience of developed countries, when per capita GDP reaches 5,000 US dollars, residents’ consumption will shift to spiritual and cultural consumption. In 2011, China’s per capita GDP broke through this value for the first time, and this year, it was the development of new home and e-commerce. Upswing and branding period.

Based on this, it must be said that the rise and fall is not accidental. Before the arrival of the new consumption situation, a large number of up-and-coming talents plan ahead in advance and gain a first-mover advantage, while traditional home furnishing enterprises Poor feeling, touch the net “stiff posture, coupled with the industry’s scattered and staking after the demand is weak, in the new consumer environment,” soil and water are not satisfied.

The Internet is a tool, service and experience will never go out of time

Currently, whether it is consumer demand structure, technology, business model or national policy, the home industry is changing rapidly, marketing wins industry The key has also shifted to the core of consumer experience and word of mouth. At present, although innovative enterprises occupy the first-mover advantage, traditional stores and stores are facing a crisis of closing stores, but the department’s old-fashioned homes have achieved contrarian growth by optimizing products and services, headed by nature homes, and their stores during the semi-annual period of 2014-2015. The number of closures was as high as 323, but by optimizing the O2O product experience store, revenues increased by 17%.

The two-year-old Qumei Home has optimized its product experience and service from the three dimensions of new products, new models and new values ​​by promoting the “New Qumei Strategy”. The 2017 Interim Report has grown by 45.97% year-on-year.

Similarly, the founder of the Chinese living room sofa, around the sofa and art lighting brand Nok Lighting, through the scene technology tools three degrees of cloud to enjoy the home, in the store experience and personalized service, also achieved a single day The overall signing rate of 161 investment houses and stores was 30%.

Tencent founder Ma Huateng once said at the WE conference “I still think that the Internet is just a tool. Its invention is conducive to information dissemination, and the unnecessary loss and efficiency links of the traditional channels are removed. Service providers, manufacturers and consumers are more directly connected.

In essence, the Internet is not an industry. The new home power, which relies on Internet tools, is only a segment of the industry. It activates information energy and enables enterprises to quickly adapt to consumers and market needs. Achieve efficiency and service upgrades to achieve a form of Internet+, orThe result of changes in the business environment, however, in the final analysis, tools and means are only external factors, products and services are the internal focus; similarly, traditional enterprises that are responsive to the market and have been deeply cultivating products, services and user experiences, through self-optimization It can consolidate or break through its original market position and live more and more spirit. Therefore, for home furnishing enterprises, the key to winning is not the formal dispute, but the market sense and service experience.

The traffic dividend subsides, and the future is a battle for the scene

Three years of change, five years of change, the Internet is entering the second half, traffic dividends are disappearing, to Shangpin home delivery The innovative home brands represented by Europa and Lin’s Wood have begun to seek new breakthroughs and have spread and expanded to the offline. Scenery and experiential marketing have become the new trend, which also confirms the third degree of cloud. The view of Ms. Peng Xinrong, vice president of Xiangjia, “In the future, home furnishing companies are not selling products, but living scenes.

Unlike other retail products, household products have natural environmental attributes. Consumers do not need to consider matching, considering the division of labor and indoor tonality with other products, and thus related to life. Correspondingly, the marketing process of the home industry has also experienced the evolution from single product to accessory furniture to the scene as the market supply and demand relationship changes, and with the upgrade of consumption, the scene and experience are important in the home retail terminal. Sex will continue to improve, and this trend will be a new opportunity for the transformation of the car in the middle of the traditional home with the offline battlefield.

From the moment, the aforementioned sofas such as the left and right sofas and Knock Lighting have begun to rely on smart home improvement software —— three degrees of cloud to enjoy the home, to track user data, action through the line, line The flow of traffic has formed the prototype of scene marketing; the second half of the Internet, the offline and scene battles have begun, and the Internet upstart that occupies the first-mover advantage in the last round of pk, when entering the line, whether it is commercial layout, personnel deployment, Service or logistics, etc., are not perfect, and this is precisely the opportunity to overtake the traditional home corner.

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