the object sorting application is built after the identification

Object Sorting Application

In fact, the object sorting application is built after the identification and detection, and the image is processed by the machine vision inspection systems manufacturers. To achieve sorting. It is commonly used in machine vision industrial applications for food sorting, automatic surface sorting of parts, cotton fiber sorting, etc.

Visual Positioning Application

Visual Positioning requires a machine vision system to quickly and accurately find the part being tested and confirm its position. In the field of semiconductor packaging, devices need to adjust the pickup head according to the chip position information obtained by machine vision, accurately pick up the chip and bind it. This is the most basic application of visual positioning in the machine vision industry.

The advantages of machine vision versus manual detection in manufacturing:

1. Low cost, automatic detection saves a lot of labor costs.

2. Fast speed, can be matched with the production line speed, and synchronized with the pipeline detection speed.

3. Stable work, stable work for a long time, can not be done manually.

4. Greatly improve the detection efficiency. The product detection rate can reach 99%, effectively ensuring the product is issued.

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