The operating principle of electric ceiling curtain

The electric ceiling curtain is mainly used for the electric curtain shading system in the skylight. The electric ceiling curtain can be divided into a reel-type ceiling curtain, a folding ceiling curtain, and a leaf-turning ceiling curtain according to the operation principle.
The electric double-track folding canopy curtain is a sunshade system that can be retracted on the top of the indoor lighting roof or the oblique side glass lighting window frame, that is, the double-track translation system.

It can be a straight line or an arc. According to the architectural characteristics of the building, we use a linear double-track ceiling curtain. It is both shaded and maintains the style of architectural design. Each pair of ceiling curtains consists of two left and right guide rails. When the motor starts, the track is driven, and the elastic guide shaft pulls the fabric in the middle to achieve the purpose of shading.

Electric double-track folding canopy curtain can be used for commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, etc. It can also be used for high-end residential sun room, flower shed, glass balcony, etc. to adjust the sunshade and maintain the indoor temperature. To avoid strong light radiation and improve the lighting effect.

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