The rosewood furniture has risen again, and the price of raw materials has increased by 25%.

Since 2016, some countries in the redwood export have greatly strengthened the regulations on the export of the mahogany materials. Under such circumstances, the price of redwood has ushered in a round of “price increase new” climax. With the price increase of mahogany raw materials, it will affect the trend of mahogany furniture. What serious impact will it have?

The rosewood furniture set off a new wave of upswing

The year 2016 has not yet finished, the average increase of Siamese rosewood raw materials has reached 40%; Barry Dalbergia Raw materials rose by 50%; Burmese rosewoods rose by as much as 65%; while the most unrecognized African rosewood raw materials rose nearly 100%. In view of this, at present, all major domestic mahogany merchants have issued notices of price increase of 3% to 10%. The original purchase of red wood furniture has not paid the full amount within the specified time of the enterprise, and the order is re-ordered. They are all executed at the adjusted price.

CITES conference, including a variety of commonly used red wood species, “rejected entry threshold. In the absence of the CITES Contract for Import and Export of the 17th CITES Conference of the Parties, China as a member of CITES, China Customs must implement the Convention to refuse entry.

The rise in the cost of inbound and outbound transportation has actually been in sight since early July this year. Since July 1st, due to the weight change of the dock, the restrictions on weight have become stricter, and transportation costs have been increased in disguise. At the same time, the global container transportation costs have been raised, and the transportation costs of major routes have also increased. The costs incurred by these two factors have increased by about 10%.

Since September 21, the new transportation policy has passed the implementation of this week, and the burden on the merchants has gradually revealed: the 13-meter semi-trailer is reduced by ton, and the total weight cannot exceed 49 tons. The height must not exceed 4 meters. The total amount of freight is unchanged, but the actual load is reduced by about 25%, the freight unit price is raised by about 33%, and the corresponding increase in taxes, transportation costs may increase by 35%.

Whether it is endangered regulation, strict smuggling by countries, or increased transportation costs, it is difficult to prevent the price of raw materials from rising and then rising. At present, the influence of Southeastern Redwoods” has gradually been reflected in the price of rosewood , and the impact of endangered control will continue to ferment for half a year or even longer. . It can be said that the price increase of this rosewood is the symbol of the arrival of mahogany furniture in 2016.

The only remaining mahogany in the world of redwoods

After the CITES conference, the only remaining 15 kinds of mahogany are: rosewood rosewood, Andaman rosewood, Indian rosewood, big fruit Red sandalwood, sacred red sandalwood, bird foot rosewood; African pea wood, white flower pea wood, iron knife wood of wenge wood; ebony ebony, thick ebony, hairy ebony, poncho ebony; striped ebony Lavigne Ebony and Philippine ebony.

Chicken-winged wood has many purple-brown shades of crab claws, which resemble chicken wings, and the name of chicken wings is also derived from this. Similar to ebony, the proportion of wenge and ebony furniture in the mahogany furniture market is currently small, and more furniture is rosewood and rosewood.

The strengthening of mahogany control may be an opportunity for wenge wood and ebony, and it may also make rosewoods leap to the top. The emergence of alternative species is indispensable, but as the most “orthodox”, the status of the old mahogany will still be the authority of many people.

“The remaining mahogany is not huge. For example, the CITES ASEAN Expert Group plans to submit a proposal to include the large-flowered red sandalwood and the bird-footed rosewood in the endangered appendix II at the Assembly of States Parties. Due to the reasons of the government of the country of origin, no formal proposal has been submitted to the General Assembly for consideration.

From the previous market, it can be seen that the large fruit rosewood has gradually become the weather vane of mahogany furniture. As soon as it enters the market, it is widely acclaimed for its clear and moist wood grain, the mellow pear flavor and the price of the people. The tough stability of the large fruit rosewood and the obvious tiger skin pattern, also known as “the closest to the sea yellow grass pear.”

Bird’s foot rosewood is named for its wood texture, which is mainly produced in Laos, Southeast Asia. Since 2016, the local wood ban in Laos has caused the price of the bird’s foot rosewood to fluctuate, but relatively speaking, the price fluctuation of the big fruit rosewood may be more representative of the furniture market.

The price of rosewood raw materials rose by 25%

The continued rise in the price of various rosewood raw materials has caused concern in the industry: African rosewood rose from 4,600 yuan/ton in September to 5,500. Yuan/ton, and the recent market arrival is very small; Siamese rosewood is climbing all the way, the price of conventional materials has increased from 150,000 yuan/ton to nearly 200,000 yuan/ton in half a month, and the increase has exceeded 33%; The price of Burmese rosewood has also increased from 16,000 yuan / ton to 20,000 yuan / ton, an increase of more than 25%.

The reason for the soaring price of mahogany raw materials, one is the exhaustion of resources, and the other is the international attention to the export of redwood. The number of existing mahogany is far less than people think. It takes a long time for precious redwood species to survive and grow in nature. Combined with the amazing amount of redwood wood imported from China in recent years, these huge mahogany stocks are behind the natural resources of the gradual depletion of origin, so the endangered control has been strengthened. .

When these factors are reflected in the market, this year’s rosewood logs are gradually rising and recentThe rapid rise. The rosewood furniture market has begun to rise in price, and Myanmar furniture has generally increased by 8% to 10% in the near future, and no deposit is paid.

Hedgehog rosewood and large fruit rosewood are undoubtedly the most eye-catching species in the recent market. Although the price index has stopped rising, the market turnover is very active. Among the various types of materials, the furniture factory actively stocks the high-quality materials, which is the main reason for the recent surge in the rosewood market. Since October, the expected rebound in the mahogany market has caused many timber merchants to look forward to the market outlook. Guangzhou Yuzhu, Shanghai Furen and other markets under the strength of Hedgehog rosewood, Daguo red sandalwood, broadleaf Dalbergia, Sian rosewood and other species, the market sales continue to increase, giving The market has a large support.

The development of fine-grained development or “Hundred Flowers”

Although the market is booming, the characteristics of concentrated hotspots, single varieties, many transactions, and small quantities are not to be ignored, but with With the completion of the manufacturer’s replenishment action, the sustainability of the market capacity needs further observation and confirmation.

Among the various representative species, the influence of the hedgehog rosewood on the broader market is very important. However, under the influence of factors such as cautious manufacturers and typhoon invasion, the daily sales volume and price increase of the hedgehog rosewood narrowed. Market participants said that from the market form, the mahogany market still has upward momentum, but due to the limited amount of capacity, it can be foreseen that the recent mahogany market will be dominated by shocks, showing a slow attack.

In fact, due to the production cycle, the recent rapid rise of mahogany logs has not really been transmitted to the price of finished furniture. The current increase in the price of finished products in the mahogany furniture market only reflects the increase in the previous period. The price increase of mahogany materials has a great impact on mahogany furniture enterprises. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, the primary task of mahogany enterprises is still to go to stock.

In the face of the price-oriented mahogany furniture market, the final trend depends on the supply and demand of wood prices, and the future development remains to be seen.

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