The socket with the leakage protector is good. What are the types of sockets?

The frequency of people using appliances is getting higher and higher, most of them will be renovated Install several spare switch sockets when the house is in use. At present, the most popular with a leakage protector socket, this socket is very safe, can effectively prevent people from electric shock. So, Socket with leakage protector OK? What kind of socket is there? Let’s take a brief look at it with Xiaobian.

I. The socket with the leakage protector is good

1, leakage protector is used to prevent electric shock due to electrical leakage The relay protection device is mainly installed in the switch socket, and can quickly disconnect the leakage switch socket.

2, because the currents of the zero line and the hot line are equal, from The current from the power supply passes through the neutral line to the live line. When the household appliance leaks, the current of the live line is led away by the ground line, so that the current between the two lines is different. When this happens, the leakage protector will An induced voltage is generated to cause the switch to trip immediately to prevent a person from getting an electric shock.

Second, what are the types of sockets

1, single phase two Hole socket

Single-phase two-hole wiring is very simple It is only necessary to connect the neutral and live wires of the socket to the neutral and fire wires of the power supply.

2 , single-phase three-hole socket

three-hole socket The wiring is similar to the two-hole socket. On the basis of the two-hole wiring, connect the upper jack to the ground of the power supply.

3, three-phase four-hole, three-phase five-hole socket

These two sockets have grounded ports, its The wiring method is to connect the neutral, live and ground wires of the socket to the neutral, live and ground of the power supply. It should be noted that the phase sequence of the whole room must be the same. In order to make a better distinction, different colors of wires can be used to represent the neutral, live and ground lines.

4, socket with special protective grounding

This kind of socket can be automatically put into operation when the power is turned on, and the power will be automatically cut off after the socket is powered off. This kind of socket must be inserted when each pin is used, otherwise it is easy to cause safety. Accidents must be handled with special care.

5, fixed socket

We use a lot of fixed sockets. When doing hydropower projects, we will use electricity according to the home. In the case of a switch socket, this socket does not occupy a position more than a mobile socket.

6 , mobile socket

Mobile socket is a A flexible socket and a separate socket, there are some places in the life where there is no way to install a fixed socket, you can use a mobile socket. This type of socket is very convenient to use and can be put away when not in use.

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