The Spaniards searched for the tomb of Cervantes after 400 years.

ChinaNet February 23 According to the Russian Communist Youth League Pravda website reported on February 21, Cervantes has been dead for more than 400 years, but recently, Spanish scientists decided to find his grave. They will search along an ancient monastery in Madrid.

Cervantes · Saavedra is the greatest novelist, dramatist and poet in the Spanish literary world. He was born on September 29, 1547. He suffered from severe edema in 1616 and died in Madrid on April 23. His tomb has not been found so far. Critics call his novel Don Quixote the first modern novel in literary history and one of the treasures of world literature. Named after Cervantes, the author of the novel Don Quixote, the Spanish Ministry of Culture recognizes outstanding Spanish writers and awards the winner of the year in December each year.

In order to complete the search, the scientists decided to use the ground penetrating radar to complete the search in the underground space. According to a report by Marquis Molins in 1870, there were nine celebrities whose graves were located. Spanish scientists revealed that: “The women, children and elderly men should be buried under the main altar of the temple. According to information provided by the government, Cervantes was shot and hit the chest and the left hand bone was deformed. Based on this information, we will begin to look for the tomb of Cervantes. In addition, Spanish scientists may also conduct a comparative analysis based on the DNA of the descendants of the great writers to find the skeleton of Cervantes.

Currently, the government allocates 12,000 euros to the first phase of the survey. The scientists will examine all the corpses in the temple for identification and identification, and then bury all the bones in the same place. Earlier, Spanish researcher Louis · Fernando · Prado proposed this initiative to the government in 2011, but the plan for funding was stranded due to lack of funds. (Internship Compilation: Wang Siyang Yang Yuru)

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