The steel of the Old Bay Bridge is used to make art

The Old Bay Bridge, located in San Francisco, was considered an unsafe earthquake. A few years ago, after being demolished, its replacement new bridge was completed nearby. However, the 77-year structure, which is part of the 58,000 tons of steel and 245,000 tons of concrete, will remain a public art area of ​​the Bay Area, a long-established bridge that remains part of society.

Old Bay Bridge, reusable materials, recycled materials, as public art in San Francisco The steel sculpture is located near the New Bay Bridge. The new bridge was completed last year and the demolition of the old bridge began. Some valuable steel has been cut into sizes and shipped throughout the country and abroad. However, a group of artists in San Francisco have already begun to maintain the art of a part of the city.
The California Department of Transportation approved a plan of approximately $2.2 million to save steel for local artists. The department can start receiving suggestions from artists as soon as next year, and we are happy to see the ideas, which may range from light poles to gazebos and huge steel robots.

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