The street view shop car food carnival shines in Yuntai Mountain, together with Cui Jian, escape plan, and Nanzheng North War!

On June 16th, 2018, along with the opening of the Central Plains entertainment event, Henan Yuntai Mountain ushered in the new opening method of the Dragon Boat Festival and the mdash;— Street View Car Food Carnival! During this period, hundreds of thousands of visitors and Cui Jian, escape plan, Nanzheng North Battle NZBZ zero contact, exciting and passionate!

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The reporter saw at the scene, the Yuntaishan venue The central location is a street-view dining car food carnival hosted by a street-view shop car. There is a rock stage, a sound stage, a trend interactive experience area, and a special media interview area. The multi-sensory experience continues to ignite the passion of tourists.

The Street View store is located in the center of the venue

< It is understood that the Street View store car is a pioneer in the domestic store car industry. In just a few years, it has developed from a brand into a category.

This street view store car is in the form of a street view dining car food carnival, which strongly supports Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area, combining music festival, car off-road tour, e-sports competition, RV exhibition, joy running, drone exhibition, etc. A variety of themed events give visitors an unforgettable and comprehensive experience.

The Street View Dining Car Food Carnival is a trendy consumer experience for visitors. It also has an irreplaceable advantage for operators: cost and operating costs are lower than traditional shops and do not require complicated The approval process and landing speed are also faster.

Diversified functions, undertaking a variety of commercial formats, convenient store forms can also go out of the park for promotion. Obviously, the street view shop car is no longer just a business method, but also a commercial possibility with its own landscape attributes.

Reporter Seen at the scene, the form of the street view dining car food carnival attracted many food brands to settle in —— Yuntai barbecue outside Jiaoli Nen, the meat is delicious, especially attractive in the colorful light box; Huai medicine dessert, cold drink, Ice cream, in the hot burst table for everyone to send cool; there are roast lamb buns, Huaishan pancake fruit, boiled fruit corn and other specialties, so that the food can be full of food & quot;; appetite.

Unlike in the past, the Street View store has injected a new cool experience with this carnival —— Street View Mobile KTV and Street View Interactive devices such as doll mobile stores allow visitors to experience modern entertainment equipment in the wilderness of Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area.

thousand Cars, national racers, set off speed and passion whirlwind; vast spectacular locomotive parade, car off-road tour, happy running throwing color powder, e-sports competition, RV show, star camp, drone show … … eat and drink All the fun to meet you.

Under the stars, the rock godfather Cui Jian leads the sing, rock memoirs, rock new forces, and electronic pioneers combine to bring the majority of tourists An audio-visual feast.

Stimulating the taste of the food buds, hitting the inner music carnival, the dance under the colorful lights —&mdash In foreign countries, the entertainment and dining experience built by similar street-view shop cars is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Because of the appearance of street-view shop cars, the Chinese people have begun to experience in this trendy offline consumption scene. This has become a new offline trend under the consumption upgrade.

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