The threshold is high, and the non-industry experience of this “pit” is carefully entered.

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Home The trend of the whole assembly in various sub-sectors is getting more and more enthusiasm, but the overall home improvement is higher than the whole house customization requirements. It is not something you can try. Before you enter, you need to think carefully, whether it meets the requirements, and whether you have the ability.

Customized homes, as the current home building materials, have attracted the attention of many cross-border squads, and they have begun to enter the whole house customization project on a large scale. Let’s take a closer look at those companies that have entered the entire house customization industry across the border:

The furniture industry has more than 20 well-known brands such as Qumei, Dynasty Federal Gordon, Red Apple, and All Friends. . Hardware and stainless steel industry have top solid;

Ceramic bathroom has Wrigley cabinet closet, Kohler cabinet, Jiumu cabinet, Zhongyu, etc.;

Soft software has rich Annamei, Gujia Custom, Connery, Mousse, etc. The flooring industry has the iconic home, the del natural Korani, the world friend, the North American maple and so on. The plate industry has bunny, Moganshan, millennium boat, etc.;

The home appliance industry has Fang Taibai kitchen, Deyi Libo whole house customization, Haier cabinet wardrobe, Rongshida, Wanjiale whole house customization, Vantage cabinet Wardrobes, etc.;

The wooden door industry has Dreamland, TATA, Huahe, Oupai wooden doors, wooden doors and so on. The door panels are equipped with Guangzhou Zhihua, Ningbo Kelefu, Shanghai Relying, etc.;

Furniture equipment has Xinghui CNC (Yihe Yimei).

The custom home market will face the fact that supply exceeds demand, and the industry will reshuffle

With the current development trend, more than 60% (Guangzhou Jianbo survey data) companies They have already entered the field, which means that the incoming companies have already entered the market and have entered the white-hot stage of the staking. The industry’s bubble is getting bigger and bigger, and the market for custom home furnishing will face the fact that supply exceeds demand, followed by bubble bursting and industry reshuffle.

The first half of the custom home competition has ended. The first-line brand is stable and can be said to have taken the lead. According to industry insiders, in 2016, the growth of brands such as Europa, Sophia and Shangpin was matched. In part, it has reached the sum of the annual revenues of the second- and third-line brands. In summary, it can be said that the whole house custom industry has passed, and the industry pattern has basically taken shape.

The whole assembly is the next industry trend for the future industry.

The problem is coming. Since the whole house has been customized, the next outlet in the home industry is What?

The answer is: & ldquo; The whole definition of the whole package is: The whole installation is based on the customer-centered design, based on the overall design, the main material, the fixed furniture, the activity The combination of furniture, soft fittings and kitchen appliances provides customers with an overall home solution that meets the residential function.

The whole package makes consumers simpler, more convenient, and more certain. It is a human consumption upgrade product. In the next few years, the whole decoration will change the decoration consumption mode.

Consumers’ demand for home space is increasing

Consumers hope that home is not only a place to live, but also a place where they can produce, create, and generate income. Dividing the consumer’s demand for home into two dimensions, the abscissa is the path of human development, that is, Maslow’s demand theory, physiological needs & rarr; security needs & rarr; social needs & rarr; respect needs & rarr; self-realization, relative to The space of the home from the living space → the existence of space → production space, now is the consumer hope that the home is not only a place to live, but also hope that the home is able to produce, create, income-generating places, the space demand for home is improving.

The ordinate is about the development path of household products. From the beginning of raw material demand & rarr; building materials development & rarr; integrated products (full house custom furniture) flourish, the next step will develop into home space Large-scale combination products (packaged products), in the Philip & middot; Kotler’s classic masterpiece “Marketing Management” also predicted the development of the combined products.

The curve in the middle of the vertical and horizontal coordinates is the development track of the home industry: from the primary product economy → product economy & rarr; service economy & rarr; experience economy, that is to say, the large combination of home space products, that is, the whole product is in line with Experience the era of the economy, and the product itself should be an experience product. The self-contained product is a product that is more in line with the future development trend than the integrated product (full house custom furniture), and the windshield is not a short-term, it is a long-lived vent.

From the perspective of complexity, the whole package involves the whole category supply chain of the home furnishing industry. Customers need to complete a link that requires at least 15+, 1000+ SKU products, 5000+ parts, and complete these. The link requires a 20+ category of service providers.

This complexity also means that although the whole installation is the next outlet in the home industry, the threshold is much higher than the whole house customization. There is no integrated and competitive supply chain for the whole product category. IT systems, without a good product portfolio (package product development), it is difficult to make the whole assembly. Therefore, many industries that have done the whole assembly say that the whole installation is a “pit, non-home improvement industry experience.”

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