The wooden floor can also be laid on the wall, the effect is amazing!

The wooden floor can also be laid on the wall, the effect is amazing! Tencent Home

Would you ever feel that your home’s wall is pale and cold? No special? Choose a wall and put it on the wooden strip, and the natural fan will appear immediately.

The unique texture of the wooden floor, once extended to On the wall, the visual impact is immediately presented, and the simplicity reveals a natural atmosphere, creating a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

The soft reflection characteristics of wood give a visual harmony. More importantly, wood absorbs ultraviolet rays from sunlight and reflects infrared rays. This is one of the direct reasons why wood can produce warmth.

Wood wall, with the use of color is also easy to use, quiet and show off, calm and temperament, very artistic.

Use wood as the living room wall to greatly highlight the owner’s lifestyle. There is also a little warm temperament.

Wood is actually a master of temperature and humidity, around When the ambient temperature changes, the wood itself is capable of attracting or releasing moisture due to the equilibrium moisture content, and functions to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity.

Wood wall, conveyed to the visual sense by material, different arrangement, bringing different visual enjoyment. This is a kind of relaxation and enjoyment from the body to the heart.

Of course, wood flooring is generally only suitable for small-scale decoration of the wall surface, not suitable for a large number of applications. Otherwise, the decorative effect is not amazing, but it makes people feel weak. And wood flooring is not a common material for wall decoration after all. If it is used in a large number of applications, it is difficult to construct and it will extend the construction period.

The solid wood floor is more easily deformed, so it is not recommended to use the solid wood floor for the top decoration of the wall. Laminate flooring is more suitable for wall covering. At the same time, you should not neglect the environmental protection of the floor. Pay attention to the environmental protection level of the floor when purchasing. It is best to buy the product with environmental protection level E0 to reduce the damage caused by decoration pollution.

Source: Building E Interior Design Network


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