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In the blink of an eye, 2018 is over. Is the bathroom friend who is still renovating wondering what kind of bathroom design will be popular in 2019? Experts have already arranged it for everyone~
Washing the terraces

When I woke up from the bed in the morning, I wanted to go to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and found that my family was washing in it. Have you been there? In fact, we can put the bathroom outside the bathroom and let the toilet and shower room inside, which not only improves the efficiency of use, optimizes the needs of life, but also makes the bathroom more quality. Moving the sink outside is to add a wall and a door between the toilet and the sink to separate the wet and dry areas, and to dry and wet again between the toilet and the shower area. An independent sink is more convenient for the family to wash in the morning and evening, without having to rush to use the bathroom every day. This design not only interferes with the use of toilets and baths, but also ensures that personal products such as toothbrushes and towels are not contaminated by bacteria in the bathroom.

Wall-mounted design

In daily life, floor-standing toilets and floor-to-ceiling bathroom cabinets are common, but as people’s living standards improve, they Design, more attention to detail, and more and more attention to quality, wall-mounted toilets, wall-mounted vanity, wall-mounted bath cabinets are also receiving more attention, not only because of its unique design, but also because this design is more suitable People’s life needs.

Washing area + wash area storage design

A lot of people are spitting, the bathroom is so small, plus some lockers, it is much more oppressive! In fact, as long as we make reasonable use of the wall behind the toilet and the wall of the wash area, we can store a lot of things, even if only 0.5m2, it can be easily designed.

The bathroom cabinet is directly installed above the concealed water tank of the wall-mounted toilet. The overall feeling is very strong.

Adding a small partition above the toilet and putting some toiletries or potted ornaments is not only convenient, but also adds a touch of life to the small bathroom~

Design “care machine”


If the bathroom has only one main light, it will cause uneven brightness, and there will be dark areas in the room, which would have been small. The bathroom looks smaller. Therefore, you need to work hard in these three places:

● Front area of ​​the mirror: Increase the front light of the mirror so that the light source hits the face evenly.

● Place the toiletries under the mirror cabinet: If you feel dark, you can design an auxiliary light strip.

● Above the toilet: If you have a habit of reading while going to the toilet, it is recommended to design a small reading light above the toilet.

Reminder: The bathroom installation lamps must be selected to prevent moisture, so as to avoid water mist inside the lamps and shorten the service life.

| Concealed showers |

It’s time to refresh the aesthetics, concealed showers are the weapon to increase the value.

The water supply pipe of this concealed shower is pre-buried in the bathroom wall in advance, the shower head is fixed at the top of the head, the bracket is placed in the wall, and it cannot be lifted or lowered at will, only the shower head and the switch are exposed. outside. However, there is a small ball on the shower head to adjust the angle of the water, and the upper and lower movement angles are more flexible.

There is no pipe exposed, it looks more simple and beautiful visually, does not take up space, it is simply the gospel of a small bathroom.
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