Tile or floor? What is the floor heating?

A lot of homes that use floor heating will choose geothermal flooring when they are renovating. In fact, it is best to use tiled floors in rooms with floor heating.

Because no matter which kind of wood floor, its thermal conductivity is very poor, and the thermal conductivity of the tile is very good, in terms of energy saving, it is obviously more reasonable to choose the tile. It is also very comfortable to step on the warm tiled floor that has been warmed up in the winter.

And no matter how some geothermal special floor propaganda, after all, put the wooden floor on the hot ground for a long time, it is also a test, long-term, the deformation may be very large.

Plus, if the floor heating is used in the construction, the tiles can be directly laid directly, without the wooden floor, the cement should be leveled and then the wooden floor should be attached. Generally, the thickness of the floor will be thinner.

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