Time Gene Meng Tao: Human Genetic Engineering Goes to Civilization and Marketization

This is an industry on the wind.

On August 28th, 2017, the business media group teamed up with the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine to jointly launch the “Generation of the Age: Puzzle Life Science” & lsquo; Moon Festival & rsquo; elite enterprises During the visit, nearly 100 SME owners from Weinan entered the era of genes and came to a life science journey on the genetic industry.

A group photo of all visiting entrepreneurs

Entering Block C of Xi’an Moore Center, Here is the Times Gene Headquarters and Investment Center. The simple and comfortable office environment sets off the mystery of the genetic industry.

Subsequently, Professor Meng Tao, the chairman and chief scientist of Time Gene, visited the site and had an in-depth conversation with the entrepreneurs in Minnan. Through vivid stories and metaphors, it is easy to understand the gene industry on the tall, so that the genetic knowledge that ordinary people may not understand for three years is basically understood in just two hours. There was a heated discussion.

Professor Meng Tao, Chairman and Chief Scientist of Times Gene

Civilians of Human Genetic Engineering And marketization

Since 2013, the State Council has issued policies to promote the health industry. Soon, Shaanxi Province also issued a local implementation opinion, marking the beginning of the big health from concept to landing.

From the establishment of 400 hospitals in Ma Yun, “the future hospitals, the expectations of traditional enterprises and external capital, we can see that the potential of the big health industry is unlimited, and the genetic industry is the core of great health. Core.

In fact, since 1990, scientists from the United States, Britain, and China have launched the Human Genome Project, which was called the Manhattan Atomic Bomb Program and the Apollo Moon Landing Program. The three major scientific projects of the century have been hailed as the life science’s “moon landing plan”.

The genetic difference between humans and pigs is only 1%, and the difference between humans is only one in a thousand. Although the individualized genetic differences are known, the data after these genes are measured are the same. This day book.

“No one knows what these genes are doing, so the world has launched a post-genome project to study the relationship between genes and diseases. Meng Tao said that the application of post-genome research results to clinical medicine and preventive medicine, the future is definitely a big health.

The genetic industry has developed rapidly and has gradually entered everyone’s life, especially the genetic testing technology. It has been spent 15 years and 1.5 billion dollars from the Human Genome Project, becoming Wang Shi & ldquo; Yanhuang 1 is 6 months and 990,000 yuan. Nowadays, genetic testing by American scientists takes only 24 hours and 1000 dollars, and human genetic engineering is beginning to show a trend of popularization and marketization.

Introducing the national industrial layout of the era genes

A company on the cusp

The development of any emerging industry requires the unremitting innovation and efforts of the enterprise, the government’s policy guidance and support, and the need for market popularization and education to enable the industry to move toward a healthy development path.

Li Ming, president of Weinan City Fan Club (Association), believes that the genetic industry is a Huimin engineering industry and a gospel industry. Visiting the genes of the times, let me know more clearly that the genes are not only part of the human body, but also an important part of human health that can change and prevent humans. I hope that genetic monitoring can really spread to the public and let more People enjoy health.

The genetic industry is a slogan in the industry. The genes of the times are in the middle reaches of this industry, and the whole genome is the only time for genes.

Minnan entrepreneurs take photos with the times

Nowadays, the genes of the times begin to be carried out nationwide. Layout, invested in the establishment of Beijing Times Gene Health Technology Co., Ltd. in 2015, mainly for health and sub-health population, and carried out gene-oriented health management services; in 2016, invested and established Shanghai Times Gene Medical Technology Co., Ltd., mainly for professional medical institutions nationwide. Accurate medical business; at the same time, a 2,400-square-meter medical laboratory was established in Changsha, Hunan, with clinical laboratory molecular genetics, clinical pathology, clinical immunology, clinical biochemistry and other professional laboratories.

At the capital level, Times Gene A and B rounds received 80 million yuan of financing, and the shareholding system was reformed. The IPO is ready. The current genetic valuation has exceeded 300 million yuan.

Wine and Beauty Festival, Unforgettable Tanabata Tour

Three hours of time flies, the SMEs and Business Leaders Club members from Weinan are still unfinished. Gene visits broaden everyone’s perception of health. Wang Yaohong of Baoxuan Restaurant said happily, “Gene is a very avant-garde industry. It has a clearer understanding of the body through genetic testing, and it will be regulated in diet and life. This visit has made me deeper in disease prevention. Cognition.

Centennial Luzhou Old Ageing Wine Gives Wine to Professor Meng Tao

End of Event After that, Centennial Laozhou Ageing Wines sincerely invited Professor Meng Tao and the on-site business elites to attend the “Elite Sharing Dinner”.

Entrepreneurs who are drinking a hundred years old Luzhou old age wine

Centennial Luzhou old ageing wine is Luzhou Laojiao One of the top five single items, the first brand of elite business wine. Times Gene aims to create a healthy lifestyle solution for high-net-worth individuals. Both are the favorite products and brands of elite business people.

A lively elite dinner

The business media group joins hands with the centennial Luzhou Laojiao The “elderly enterprise” visit is aimed at building a platform for resource sharing for small and medium-sized enterprises, enhancing their practical capabilities, broadening their cognitive boundaries, and truly serving the elite.

Entrepreneurs from all walks of life rely on the “elite sharing dinner”, the atmosphere is harmonious and strong. On Valentine’s Day, there is a wine accompanied, let everyone have a more warm, more loving and unforgettable journey.

Business Minnan Entrepreneurs

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