Tmall Double 11: The Power of Business

Text | Journalist Yan Feng Liang Yulong Photojournalist | Lei Hui

October 10th, Ma Yun chatted with 13 of the world’s top scientists for more than two hours. The key word is the establishment of the Alibaba Dharma Institute.

On October 11th, 2017 Hangzhou · Yunqi Conference, compared to Ma Yun’s opening speech and Dharma’s more topical, he sang four at the Yunqi Music Conference in the evening. Song.

Ma Yun boarded the technology list and the entertainment list, which is 30 days away from the Tmall double 11 in 2017.

On the afternoon of October 20th, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Zhang Yixing is a “Tmall Red, Dedicated to the 2017 Tmall Double 11 Global Trends Festival. Under the stage, there are popular stars, top supermodels, and nearly 100 global fashion leaders including the Guerlain, Pandora, Ray-Ban, Estee Lauder, and Victoria’s Secrets, or the CEOs and executives of Greater China. The more than 150 new models they will bring will be launched in Tmall, and Guerlain also exclusively launched the world’s only high-grade perfume.

At this time, the Tmall double 11 in 2017 is 20 days old.

Alibaba Brazil Creek Park. The park, which covers an area of ​​260,000 square meters and has more than 30,000 employees, has not seen much fanaticism. But time is approaching exactly every day, and changes happen silently.

The employee’s indoor basketball court has just undertaken an employee’s activity. It has been emptied overnight and is ready to be used as one of the double 11 parcel storage points. The new year’s double 11 posters climb the elevator wall one day and occupy each The blank space of the building’s lobby; the dual 11 network system stress test involving the General Administration of Customs, multiple banks, and hundreds of merchants is underway.

Tmall double 11 external publicity work has already started. 2017 Tmall double 11 evenings will be set in Shanghai; Super Bowl Gold Producer directed the party will continue “Silver Valley + Hollywood mode; up to 600 million cash red envelope has been determined … … news is constantly released, fermented. The staff responsible for the product propaganda came out with the computer, responded to the information with the mobile phone, and ran into another building. The heads of Tmall’s various sections also traveled through the park, and continued to communicate with the merchants after the meeting, lunch break, or interviewed by the media.

Earlier, you can push back a month ago, three months ago, and half a year ago, the brand 11 docking program has started.

Outside the Alibaba campus, the rookie is cooperating with more than 3 million couriers in the industry. The allocation of resources for trunk vehicles and air charters is expected to increase by 30%. The 1 million offline stores in Double 11 are participating. 140,000 brands and 15 million items are being assembled; I don’t know how many people’s circle of friends and groups have begun to be captured by various double 11 Raiders ……

剁手方,品牌商, Online shop customer service, store girl, express courier, product manager, programmer, countless people’s life trajectories meet in a thousand years, pushing the Tmall double 11 from a simple shopping festival to a complex ecology. The prosperity of the ecosystem is not Ma Yun, and Tmall can be set arbitrarily. It is intertwined with the general trend of China’s consumption upgrade, the large upgrade of China’s commercial infrastructure, the global brand transformation embraces the growth of new retail, and even the overall transition of China’s and even the world’s business system —— this is the power of commerce.

In this sense, about data —— from the first double 11 in 2009, sales of 50 million yuan, to 2016 sales of 120.7 billion yuan, far from summarizing Tmall The meaning of double 11.

As in previous years, Ma Yun has no intention to predict the transaction amount of Double 11 in the new year.

The younger battlefield of the big names

Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba Group in 2012 He had an exchange with Hu Weixiong.

At that time, high-end brands have always been the weak link in Tmall’s beauty. Zhang Yong’s well-known international brand is Lange. Hu Weixiong, who later became the general manager of Tmall Beauty Care, was an executive at the Louis Vuitton Group. Pui Lingyi was one of the brands he operated on. He noticed the sales growth of Lange after his arrival in Tmall and found that many young consumers gathered on Tmall, which is what Beckling needs.

Hu Weixiong told Zhang Yong that as a high-end brand, he did not agree with the gameplay of Tmall discounts, and negotiated to use the buy gift instead. Zhang Yong agreed.

Estee Lauder also noticed the dynamics of the old rivals. After the research, he used his brand Clinique to ask for directions on Tmall. Zhang Yong spent a year working hard to tailor the online solution for this super customer.

In the eyes of some people who have dealt with big-name staff, the big names sometimes have something to do. For example, one of the words they often say is “not advanced: “We don’t have to be white, it’s not advanced”; our products are not as good as others, so not advanced.

At that time, it was hard for consumers and brands to believe that the high-end beauty brand would be the first to complete the slam on Tmall.

On February 28, 2017, the 3rd Tmall Gold Makeup Awards Ceremony held in Shanghai was a key node. On this day, Estee Lauder Group MAC, L’Oreal Group Kiehl & rsquo;s, Louis Vuitton Group Fresh, Amore Group Hera, Shiseido Group ELIXIR, and South Korean popular brand Jayjun concentrated in signing a ceremony with Tmall.

So far,The beauty brands that the fee collectors saw on the first floor of the high-end department store have all settled in Tmall. The total number of beauty brands absorbed by the Tmall platform has reached more than 3,000. In 2016, Tmall Double 11 closed with a turnover of 120.7 billion yuan, of which the sales of beauty category reached more than 100 million yuan in 2 minutes. In particular, imported beauty products are most popular among young consumers.

Hu Weixiong, the witness of this change, also joined Tmall.

A story that was often mentioned by him before is: When a sales manager of an international brand went to the patrol cabinet, he found that the counter BA (referring to the beauty consultant) put the scissors on the top of the light box. Facing the counter of the opposite competitor. The supervisor took it down and went to the next time and found it again.

This is not a normal performance of business competition, but a projection of the anxiety of high-end brands. In the tide of consumption upgrades, high-end beauty customers used to be old, but young people did not pick up their classes. Brand aging, target consumer group breaks, so that the brand feels a strong pressure of survival.

High-end beauty needs to win young people and acquire new users, not by asking a few popular young stars and changing packaging. Tmall, backed by 500 million Ali platform users, uses data and technology as the biggest bargaining chip for high-end brands.

The Estee Lauder Group’s Sea Blue Mystery Cream has been recognized as a global top skin care brand. Today, this once unattainable brand has made Tmall the only online official channel in addition to the official website.

Before the opening of the Tmall flagship store, the mystery of the sea blue proposed an idea. In order to let consumers get a high-end experience similar to the offline counters, can we move the fish tanks of each counter to the store? On the home page. In the past, this was considered impossible. But now Tmall’s underlying technology can completely allow the brand to make the most of its creativity. Finally, the Hailan mystery e-commerce team used H5 technology to perfectly reproduce the fish tank on the Tmall shop homepage.

More importantly, the mystery of the blue sky is strongly felt the strong vitality of the Thombus platform’s quality young customers.

Tmall data shows that the online consumer group of the Blue Mystery is at least 5 years younger than the offline. In recent years, this group has shown amazing consumption power. On Tmall, the luxury products with a price range of 2,000 to 5,000 yuan is the biggest outlet for consumption upgrades, with an increase of more than three digits in recent years.

As early as the 2015 double 11 show, the blue mystery launched a customized HALFSIZE series of different specifications. These “half-pack” & ldquo; 1/4 copies reduced the entry price threshold, of which the price of 760 yuan 15ml cream once jumped to the top of the Tmall high-end cream sales.

Tmall’s data can help brands grasp the consumption trends of young consumers, and thus adjust products, which can become the most important marketing platform for expanding the market. It is also the most important position for trend prediction and testing.

As one of the important high-end brands of the P&G Group, SK-II has a new reverse magnetic small gyro. Before the product went on the market, Tmall found that the beauty instrument market is about to explode according to the information of the platform users’ searches, comments, and sales data of related products. After feeding this information back to SK-II, SK-II used Tmall as the only sales channel for reverse magnetic small gyro in China. As a result, at the beginning of this year’s Super Product Day, nearly 10,000 sets of new products were quickly robbed in one day, creating a new era of Tmall beauty equipment.

As Hu Weixiong said in an interview with reporters, in the current business environment, if the Internet is only used as a sales channel, there is no future. Now Tmall not only plays the brand’s “second official website”, but also customizes exclusive services for cooperative brand customers, attracting young consumers and bringing them better products and experiences in the new retail era.

Last year, Tmall Double 11, including more than 30 beauty brands including SK-II, Estee Lauder, Herborist, Nature Hall, and Baique Ling, became members of the Club. This year, the Tmall double 11, is still in the pre-sale phase, 2 minutes, Tmall International’s global synchronization of the first launch of the Martiderm “New Live Brightening Dsp Ampoule pre-sale 3,000 pieces. In 20 minutes, the booking volume of Lancome powder water exceeded 10 000 sets. In 1 hour, the Maybelline flagship store booked 50,000 pieces, exceeding the pre-sale volume of the whole day last year.

Black Retail Solutions for New Retail

The core of the high-end beauty industry is operations Emotions, operating users, in the past this is considered to be the shortcomings of e-commerce.

More than a year ago, Tmall had invited the brand MAC of Estee Lauder to enter. At that time, the general manager of MAC China said a phenomenon that confused him: In the past, the consumer’s consumption line was in the counter-consultation. BA-test makeup-transaction. But now, when consumers enter the counter, they always hold the mobile phone in the hand to check the color number, and there is no free time to try out the installation. The recommendation of BA is completely useless.

The Tmall Beauty team moved the dressing table to the mobile side. The online online dressing table customized for MAC adds more functional modules to capture the information and preferences of individual consumers for subsequent precision marketing. A technology developed by Tmall can distinguish 2,000 colors and accurately restore the problems of MAC nearly 200 different lipstick numbers online. At this point, the MAC really decided to enter Tmall.

At this year’s Double 11 Fashion Festival, MAC presented an exclusive body painting killer, supporting the trend of the ceremony is the world’s top makeup modeling team. Gary, the general manager of Essence Lancome Group e-commerce, said: “Essence Lancome’s performance in the fourth quarter of this year is very good, daysCats are also major contributors.

Hu Weixiong plans to use this technology by 180 brands by the end of the year, and it will become the underlying technology of beauty stores.

Now Tmall is working hard to develop and promote the use of 3D modeling technology to create a real-time mirror that can achieve real-time, blush, eye shadow and lip gloss real-time recognition. Draw, the test effect is realistic and natural. The first-line international beauty groups such as Lancome, Estee Lauder and Shiseido have already cooperated with Tmall.

In order to achieve in-line and offline services, Tmall and Estee Lauder are also jointly developing “BA online technology.” Through it, the brand’s professional beauty consultants can simultaneously provide visual beauty consulting services for Tmall consumers. Hu Weixiong expects that by the end of the year, 20 brands will cooperate with this project and hope to reach 200 brands by the end of next year.

At the Yunqi Conference in October 2017, Hu Weixiong issued a joint invitation to the global beauty brand, technology company and advertising media company, because of the problem of color reduction on the foundation line. Unable to resolve.

Technology will bring a new round of make-up. In this era, there are still many new ways to play with science and technology.

During the Tmall Beauty Festival from July 21st to July 23rd, Tmall combined with the beauty brand Mary Yijia to test the water without the population red vending machine model. In the experience point of Hangzhou West Lake Intime City, consumers open the mobile phone Taobao to scan the QR code, pay attention to Mary’s Tmall shop and pay, you can take the lipstick of the selected color from the vending machine. In the three days, the non-popular red vending machine sold nearly 1,600 lipsticks.

Through a series of offline hardware and software data interfaces, Mary’s unmanned beauty vending machine realizes the complete connection between the brand and the Tmall membership system. In the future, once the unmanned vending machine model is widely deployed, it will be able to change the traditional member operation and management methods to achieve real-time access to accurate users. During the double 11 period, more than a dozen brands of vending machines will be put on the floor, and the category will cover the toner to the sanitary napkin.

In the traditional business society of the past, it took a huge cost for a single brand to engage in technological innovation. Other brands have to follow the example of learning, and it takes time and effort to start a new stove. The emergence of such an open platform as Tmall is breaking this zero-sum competition.

The membership system is an important hub for connecting brands and users, and it is also the secret to winning high-end beauty brands in all channels. In this context, more and more Tmall cooperation brands are also involved in the Ali “Membership Project”.

Through the sharing of member information and other data, SK-II has established a brand private data bank to further empower online precision marketing, such as estimating the crowd label placed in the station, establishing an online advertising model, and improving The accuracy rate of the people in the Amoy. In the beauty industry facing the aging trend of users, “Members have recruited a significant number of new customers and new members for SK-II with the best cost-effectiveness. It is understood that Tmall brings nearly half of all channels to SK-II.

The omni-channel new retail experiment has been carried out in the United States. So far, many brands including the Estee Lauder Group’s MAC, Estee Lauder and the Blue Mystery have already reached the online and offline membership system with Tmall.

Black technology, big data, member economy, interactive gameplay, online and offline … … are becoming the business norms of brands in Tmall. It is the common change and integration of the product end, the brand end, the platform end and the consumer end, which announces the arrival of the global commercial new retail era.

Drive Supply Chain

The apparel sector is also the main battlefield for Tmall Double 11 One. Since Uniqlo entered the Tmall Double 11 in 2014, it has been the champion of apparel sales.

Last year’s UNIQLO Tmall double 11 record was 2 minutes and 53 seconds. The flagship store sales exceeded 100 million yuan, becoming the fastest brand to reach over 100 million sales that day.

Apparel is one of the most frequently watched categories. Compared with the beauty industry, Tmall’s impact on the industry is deeper into the supply chain.

In order to enhance the competitiveness of core business products, Tmall uses platform big data, predicting supply and demand ahead of schedule six months in advance, and working with merchants to make futures order plans, predicting platform trends and commodity red and blue seas 9 months ahead of time, helping Merchants improve the efficiency of the supply chain.

Is this winter’s down jacket more popular or woolen coat more popular? It is difficult to draw accurate conclusions based on business experience, but this trend judgment has a great impact on the business, directly related to the business. Which kind of fabrics and accessories are placed on the funds, which in turn affects the overall sales throughout the year.

Mr. Erding, President of Tmall’s Apparel Business Unit, is familiar with the entire process. Based on big data analysis, Tmall first made predictions for the main pushes for each season, and then worked with the core partners to determine fabric procurement, production, stocking, and listing plans. For example, in the early days of Tmall, many brands found that they would bet on a pair of goods, but the platform big data showed that the goods might not be sold. In this regard, Tmall will communicate with the brand in advance to help them adjust their production plans.

In a nutshell, Tmall has to predict trends through big data, allowing merchants to optimize the entire supply chain based on trends. Taking Erdos as an example, Tmall found that the search for cashmere goods by consumers on the platform is growing, far exceeding the wool goods, and the long slim-fit cashmere coat is favored. Tmall feeds the data back to Erdos, prompting him to produce and stock up in advance, and guides them from fabrics, colors, collars, styles, etc., and finally produces a series of best-selling items, and successfully incubates the price range from 450 to 600. Yuan’s younger son brand Blue Erdos.

“ If the merchants predict according to their own data, many brands may not dare to do cashmere, but through Tmall’s platform big data, everyone is confident to go ahead and use it as the main push production. Dingding also said that after pre-judging the basic trend, in order to avoid the horrible competition caused by the production of homogenized goods, Tmall will help each other adjust according to the different characteristics of each brand, such as encouraging the development of new products.

In fact, for apparel brands, when the gap between design, material, and marketing is getting smaller and smaller, the final competition is the response speed of front-end big data and back-end supply chain.

To some extent, a weak supply chain is the biggest shortcoming that hinders the development of traditional apparel retail brands. Take women’s clothing as an example, the fashion popular spread speed, the new generation of habits that buy and wear, etc., all make women’s brands face a big impact. However, traditional supply chains have problems such as inaccurate product planning, long design and long production cycle, which affect brand competitiveness.

Tmall plays a key role in the empowerment supply chain upgrade. Eveli, the women’s wear brand, has recently produced eye-catching transcripts. Since the beginning of this year, its Tmall flagship store has grown by more than 100% year-on-year.

Evely cooperates with Tmall to capture the popularity of Tmall’s open big data analysis, increase the rapid response of commodity planning nodes, shorten the design cycle, and quickly update. On the other hand, Eveli can collect real-time feedback from consumers on Commodities, and then quickly put into production, which increases the flexibility of production supply.

“On the new time, only do a little, not even, just put the surface accessories in place. According to Qian Xiaoyun, the chairman of Eveli Group, Eveli Tmall has actually been out of stock, and some people can place the order immediately and ship it within three days. In this way, not only the total amount and inventory of each style are reduced, but also the best-selling models can be quickly pursued through a flexible supply chain.

Since last year, Eveli has tried to work with Tmall to create a “wisdom store” where consumers’ behavior data in the store can be further matched with the Tmall flagship store and identified by the Tmall Big Data System. And insight. In addition, “Wisdom stores can also support online orders, offline stores, self-raising, return and other services.

Take Mark Huafei as an example. This year, Tmall double 11, Mark Huafei’s 100 Tmall Wisdom stores will achieve online and offline simultaneous marketing, online orders close to the store. They all connected with Tmall to complete the three links, namely, payment pass, commodity pass and member pass data. There are also five 2.0 versions of “Smart Stores” that will interact with consumers through smart big screens to complete online and offline drainage.

It’s not just Eveli and Mark Huafei. During the Tmall Double 11 this year, more than 100,000 stores of thousands of brands have cooperated with Tmall to realize the upgrade iteration of smart stores, from shopping guides to shopping. Shop, select, try on, settle, and receive goods to achieve a global optimization of the business value chain.

Reverse Customization and New Product Incubation

In the Age of Personalization and Popularization The new demands and segmentation needs that users are constantly spawning are new topics and new opportunities for Tmall and the brands.

Tmall as a platform faces the bilateral relationship on the supply side. With the help of the platform’s 500 million active users, Tmall has timely insight into the needs and changes of the consumer side. On the other hand, it enables the merchants to shift to on-demand production, incubating more new categories on the product side, and refactoring the production process on the manufacturing side. supply chain.

Some typical examples occur in the electrical industry.

On October 20th, 2017 Tmall double 11 started pre-sale, within one minute of zero opening, the pre-sale of Covos Dibao DD35 sweeping robot exceeded 20,000 units.

Behind the pre-sales figures, nine months before the launch of the Cobos Dibao robot, Tmall and Cobos supply chain teams began to develop production plans; six months ago, develop business plans and production plans 3 months, before the product is about to go on the market, according to rounds of samples, experience trial report, determine the final product plan, capacity planning, replenishment cycle, warehousing cycle, schedule; finally, a “explosion The product was born.

—— Tmall and international domestic and foreign home appliance companies have done such a supply chain docking program management, has become a routine action in daily operations.

As early as more than a decade ago, Midea introduced a dishwasher, but because of the immature consumer market and high prices, the acceptance of dishwashers in the domestic market is not high. But in recent years, Tmall backstage big data shows that the dishwasher search index is constantly rising, combined with the market report Tmall judged: With the 80s and 90s becoming a consumer, it is possible to “free the hands of the dishwasher is expected to become popular. Single product.

So, the United States and Tmall teamed up to promote the pain points around the Tmall user features, tailor-made dishwashers for matching users. According to the “Chinese-style tableware cleaning”, “drying” “Storage” and water-saving Tmall users’ hot search and comment keywords, Midea designed the Chinese bowl basket net, enhanced drying and storage functions, and added intelligent control functions. , you can monitor the water consumption. In 2016, Midea’s smart dishwasher sold 3.5 million units, becoming a super explosion. In recent years, Midea has launched more than 50 customized products in Tmall, including smart rice cookers, kettles, hanging machines, etc., to achieve C2B on-demand customization through consumer data drivers.

Tmall’s accurate capture of new consumer demands has forced businesses to innovate. Before 2016, the washing machine market is still the world of 8kg drum washing machines. According to the regular market development rules, many brands will focus on the next generation of products in 9k.g capacity on the washing machine. Based on platform big data analysis, Tmall and Haier found that there is a market gap in large-capacity washing machines. Cleaning large items such as curtains and four-piece households will become new demands for washing. Last year, Haier took the lead in launching 10kg variable frequency drum automatic washing machine in Tmall. Tens of thousands of goods were quickly robbed, and later became the star-rated products in the washing machine market.

Tmall and Haier jointly launched a number of home appliance customization activities, and hatched new products such as wall-mounted mini clothes dryers and 3kg mini washing machines on the demand side. On the supply side, the user can freely choose the appearance, size, performance, function, etc. of the home appliance according to the needs and preferences of the home decoration. These customized module combinations are automatically fed back to the Haier Connected Factory after the user selects the order online. Haier only needs to prepare these modules at the back end and complete the assembly according to the order requirements.

This user demand seamlessly interfaces with the factory, greatly reducing production cycle and delivery time, and effectively improving supply chain efficiency.

It can be seen that the cooperation between Tmall and home appliance brands is transforming the industry with strong attributes of home appliances to C2B. From satisfying fuzzy requirements to satisfying individualized needs, behind this change is the improvement of the brand’s flexible supply chain capabilities.

In the field of fast-moving, food giant Yizi also launched a flexible supply chain by launching customized products in cooperation with Tmall. This year, Tmall 618, Ori’s brand Oreo and Tmall jointly launched a customized product & mdash; & mdash; biscuit music box, sales in more than 17 000 in two days. The two sides also provide customized packaging services for the music box, users can choose their favorite pattern elements to form the packaging of the gift box, and can also print the words they like in the lower right corner of the gift box.

For MG, this customized production of C2B will put a lot of pressure on the supply chain, which usually takes two or three months. However, through the customized system jointly established with Tmall, Yizi has achieved comprehensive speed increase from design, production, packaging and delivery, and shortened the construction period to 7 days. In terms of MG, Tmall is willing to listen to the creative ideas of the business with an open attitude, and coordinate various resources, technology and manpower to help the business.

In a way, Tmall is an incubator that allows consumers to come to the platform to buy what they want, and it can help businesses incubate more of their emerging needs. Products and scenes. It is also a supply chain transformation platform that can empower merchants to restructure a C2B on-demand supply chain and enhance the brand’s value chain position.

And the double 11, but the power of the supply chain that was reconfigured and optimized, took the lead in the foreground.

Buying the world and selling the world

The global circulation of goods is accelerating, globally The trend of trade integration is unstoppable. In this context, Tmall is both a beneficiary and a promoter. Especially in the far-reaching changes in global digital trade and industrial interconnection, Tmall is even becoming the leader in global retail innovation.

Today, the Tmall Double 11 that has passed the 9-year-old has become a world-famous carnival. Through Tmall, through the double 11, more and more global brands have achieved more efficient cross-border circulation.

On September 19, 2017, at the Tmall International Double 11 Business Conference, many international brands &mdash, which are not so familiar to Chinese consumers, and mdash; such as Spanish drug makeup brand Martiderm, Thai latex Pillow brand Nittaya and so on.

For international brands that have just entered China, opening a store at Tmall International means a massive exposure on the Internet. Tmall can introduce them to young consumers through platform marketing, and compared to meeting demand, Tmall tries to create demand for target customers directly to promote overseas brand sales.

In addition, as Owen, the general manager of Tmall International, said that the small and beautiful differentiation under the consumption upgrade is becoming a huge opportunity. Especially after the rise of emerging middle-income groups, they are used to buying overseas goods across borders, and they are more accepting of new overseas products. Therefore, in the future, Tmall International will focus on discovering and incubating more “invisible champions” in the import market segment to better help more global SMEs.

Take MTG as an example. The data shows that since its arrival in Tmall International in September 2016, MTG’s beauty instrument Refa has sold over 100 million yuan. Thanks to the excellent market performance led by Tmall International, MTG has accelerated the expansion of the global market and is preparing to launch a listing in the US. Tmall International plans to incubate 100 global listed companies like MTG in the future.

In fact, a number of international brands including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Metro, POLA, Kao, Costco have opened several flagship stores in Tmall. At Tmall International, they usually sell cross-border merchandise that is synchronized with overseas, and accept the acceptance of merchandise in China through Tmall International — — those products that sell well in Tmall International are likely to be officially imported in the future. Tmall is selling.

In addition to introducing foreign goods into the country, Tmall is committed to making global goods interoperable. In September 2016, Tmall began to hatch in Ali, and on June 12 this year, the Tmall Sea Project was officially launched. The current trading scope has covered more than 200 countries and regions around the world, including millions of cats and Taobao merchants and 1.2 billion commodities.

& ldquo;Tmall is currently in two parts, one is the hand-to-door, serving nearly 100 million overseas Chinese market; the other is through the acquisition of the Lazada e-commerce website, serving nearly 600 million in Southeast Asia Local consumers.

“Tmall outThe platform created by the sea is different from other e-commerce platforms, and it is especially suitable for small and medium-sized brands to sell globally. Specifically, Tmall merchants only need to meet the export quality and authorization requirements, and can sell overseas through existing stores. There is no need to set up an overseas operation team, and there is no need to consider cross-border logistics, payment, and product translation.

The Taiping Bird Group’s fashion dirndl brand, Lecho, is good for Changchun summer dress, which is very suitable for countries with such hot climate in Southeast Asia. However, because of the strangeness to the Southeast Asian market, Lecho has never dared to act rashly. This time, following the rhythm of Tmall’s going to sea, Lecho had a small test in the overseas market with almost no additional cost, and in 2008 it won a sales income of 4 million yuan.

At the same time, borrowing Tmall to go out to sea, the overseas sales of the cotton era in 2017 was nearly 8 million yuan, which was welcomed by Australia, Singapore and other markets with higher consumption power.

Following Singapore and Malaysia, Tmall overseas linked Lazada, and in October this year, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and other countries continued to “taobao collection” to lead domestic brands to localized services. To better meet the needs of 600 million Southeast Asian consumers.

This year, Tmall double 11, Tmall overseas will bring a number of domestic brands for the first time to join the global double 11, for more than 200 countries and regions, can be said to cover all the land of the world’s residents. Some domestic brands are also opening new overseas retail model rooms.

Pathfinder Tmall

Ma Yun’s speech at the 18th Anniversary of Alibaba This vision is proposed: Let more developing countries, SMEs and young people share the joy of globalization, the joy of free trade, and entrepreneurship and innovation; make the world economy more inclusive and shared, and make the world economy more Sustainable development.

And the path to this vision is “global buy, global sell, global pay, global transport and global mail. Xinhua News Agency previously commented that the new retail “always” is becoming a vivid interpretation of the Chinese program. Along with the internationalization of Tmall, this complete set of new retail ecosystem with complete theory, complete technology and feasible operation is fully presented to the world.

First, mobile payments are becoming a global trend, bringing unprecedented convenience and a broad market space and demand. Alipay is now available to users in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

In the process of cross-border consumption, the biggest benefit Alipay provides to consumers is that they no longer need to be arrogant for foreign exchange conversion. It supports 18 currency settlements. The same is true for overseas businesses, where currency is not universal and no longer becomes an obstacle in the transaction process.

Second, the new logistics system is driving the rapid flow of global goods. In the past, it took half a month or even a month for a parcel to be mailed from the United States to China. But now Chinese consumers are placing orders at Macy’s Macy’s, and a week’s package can be sent from the United States.

The impact of such an efficient logistics system is that the mainstream B2B international trade model is likely to be replaced by B2C or B2B2C, and new business opportunities are hidden.

At present, the rookie cross-border e-commerce logistics system has covered 224 countries and regions around the world, with 110 cross-border warehouses all over the world. Rookie Worry Logistics has launched a number of dedicated lines for countries and regions such as Russia, Europe, South America, North America and Australia.

E-commerce, mobile payments, modern logistics, and cloud computing form the latest infrastructure for international trade. According to Owen’s responsibility for Owen: “With these upgrades, a new era of cross-border trade is about to begin. In the next few years, global commodities will accelerate their flow, and the result is likely to change the pattern of past international trade.

The Tmall model not only breaks through the border restrictions of traditional trade methods, but also has a subversive impact on the globalization model of enterprises. In the past, multinational companies such as Procter & Gamble, entering a country often take the localization route —— local recruitment, local acquisition, local brands. Today, the best way for a company to globalize is to have a global brand and a plate of goods.

The global business landscape is being restructured to embrace the baptism of new retail.

In Singapore, Kaide Group, one of Asia’s largest multinational real estate agents with 20 shopping centers, recently announced a strategic partnership with Lazada E-commerce. The two sides imitated the cooperation between Tmall and Suning and conceived a new retail omnichannel solution.

In Japan, Tmall’s partner, Shiseido, is trying to sell online with different businesses, strengthen interaction with customers, and achieve online and offline integration.

In the UK, after centuries-old underwear brand Triumph tested the Tmall model in China, it announced that it will close all retail stores in the UK before the end of the year and switch to a new retail concept store in the high passenger flow position.

In fact, Tmall is no longer just a channel for the rapid circulation of global goods. After all the facilities and resources such as e-commerce, payment, logistics, and cloud computing interact, the same frequency resonates. Beyond the platform itself.

Reinventing the world view of business

Globally, over 140,000 brands invest 15 million good goods More than 1 million merchants at home and abroad will be online and offline, nearly 100,000 smart stores, 600,000 retail stores, 50,000 gold stores, 4,000 Tmall stores, and 30,000 villages will provide consumers with Best Shopping Experience ……

This year’s Tmall Double 11, is a &Ldquo; New retail parade, production, sales, data, technology, payment, logistics systems will form a large social synergy. It is no exaggeration to say that this self-growth is stimulating greater commercial power and commercial ideals.

From the point of view of consumption, Tmall Double 11 has gradually faded from the brand of price competition, and evolved into a new format of quality consumption and service consumption. From the perspective of business logic evolution, Tmall double Behind the 11 upgrades, there are actually a series of reconstruction of commercial elements and the expansion of commercial boundaries.

Zhang Yong interprets this as “New retail is the reconstruction of modern business people, goods and fields driven by the Internet and big data. It is also “customer flow, goods, orders, payments and membership.” Dataization of core business elements.

Tmall’s refactoring is mainly reflected in four aspects:

First, the reconstruction of the supply chain. The traditional retail supply chain is particularly complicated. The goods from the manufacturer to the consumer have to go through various cumbersome processes. The new retail supply chain realizes the full chain digitization and immediate response from the customer, logistics, payment and other links. Rookie Logistics and Alibaba Cloud Computing play a huge role in this process, and the customization of customers, such as accurate identification of the customer, distribution chain distance identification and time-limited delivery, will bring a new business experience.

Second, the refactoring of the sales channel. It includes Tmall supermarkets for first-tier cities, retail outlets for urban areas such as urban communities and rural areas, Tmall stores, and village Amoy, as well as overseas markets such as AliExpress, Tmall International and Lazada. Touched.

Third, the refactoring of brand marketing and user connections. The massive data, intelligent algorithms and the construction of the multimedia content community of the Tmall Eco Platform help enterprises to complete a closed loop of behaviors in the whole link and full cycle of brand operation and consumer relations.

Fourth, the opening and rebuilding of online and offline commercial formats. From Tmall to the online and offline members of many well-known brands, to invest in Yintai, Bailian, Suning, Sanjiang shopping, etc., Tmall’s value for the brand is not only to increase online and offline sales, but also to enhance the brand value. , including the time to acquire new users and users, and the increase in productivity.

It can be seen that the meaning of Tmall has far exceeded the shopping platform “buy and “sell” relationship, which brings to the brand is not possible in the traditional retail world. High dimensional value. As Zhang Yong said, Tmall is becoming the main front for global brand transformation and upgrading, the main engine of consumption upgrade and the engine of new retail.

When the Double 11 entered the historical gate of the ninth year and looked back at the dust of time, Tmall has pushed the consumer Internet to a new level and is rapidly upgrading to the Industrial Internet.

In the definition of “Industrial Internet”, the Internet not only serves as a carrier of information and data, but also leverages its existing data and channel advantages to promote deep interaction between consumers and production, and promote manufacturers’ product upgrade.

Tmall apparently played the role of “energyr” in it. On the one hand, the efficient use of the Internet and big data by the Tmall platform enables large-scale C2B customization, and the user needs to seamlessly interface with the factory. On the other hand, the Tmall platform also connects various production needs into a large network, using the “Amoy factory mechanism” to make the docking between the supply and demand sides more flexible.

<;There is no hard-to-do business in the world. Tmall is profoundly changing the consumption ecology and industrial ecology of China and the world. This rising power has already produced tremendous energy.

China has the world’s largest Internet trading network and is at the forefront of global production change. Tmall’s competitiveness and imagination in this business innovation, like the stones cast from high-dimensional space, are constantly expanding and growing.

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