Too many nouns on the floor have broken through the three principles of tradition

Everyone said that renovation is a regrettable process. The lack of renovation experience and the lack of purchasing experience have caused our own limitations to meet the requirements of too many unknown areas in the home improvement process. Because we are neither professional buyers, we can’t get a thorough understanding of building materials, and we are not a professional ‘owner’. A set of houses has a lot of experience in decoration, so we can’t find a pair of Posey like a skilled shoe. Like the shoes of the Miya skirt, find a floor that fits the Mediterranean style.

It is precisely because of our lack of professional knowledge that the home building materials market needs the self-discipline of the industry, the government’s control and media supervision to promote the healthy development of this industry! But we Observed the results of various sampling tests on the floor in the administrative departments of various parts of the country in recent years. The items tested include: lateral static bending strength, formaldehyde emission, impregnation and peeling performance, surface abrasion resistance, surface water vapor resistance, processing precision, and internal bonding strength. , water absorption thickness expansion rate, bonding strength……

These new professional terms are constantly appearing, for the industry may be the national standard or industry standard refinement and enterprise implementation A means of supervision and supervision, but for consumers who are ignorant of the floor, these new words once again make it difficult for consumers to choose materials. However, as long as the essence is grasped through the phenomenon, according to the principle of correct selection, consumers can have a unique eye and fight the invincible hands!

In the choice of floor decoration materials, laminate flooring is the most mainstream choice, and the laminate flooring is welcomed by consumers because of its high cost performance. The biggest advantage of laminate flooring is the color. Because the pattern of the laminate floor is through the decorative layer, because the decorative layer is drawn by computer, the space that can be created is very large, and even the texture of some imitation stone can be applied. The texture and color are highly variable, so it is strengthened. The color and style of the floor are very large, which can meet the different personality preferences of different groups of people.

In addition to the characteristics of the color, the cost of the laminate flooring is self-evident. As the manufacturing technology is more advanced, the current laminate flooring has a solid wood look and feel. Feeling is not a long time. In addition, there is a unique feature of laminate flooring that is very easy to care for. The hardness and other characteristics of the laminate floor are relatively good, so that the damage degree of the daily user is not large, and therefore the cleaning and maintenance requirements for the later stage of the laminate are not high.

So how to choose the laminate floor? Grasp the three principles of selection!

First, heavy product light brand.

When the author communicated with a national registered designer, the designer said that he helped the owner choose the floor, he never looked at the brand because the floor He is clear about the various processes of production, so there is no need for superstitious brands. Good products are not necessarily from the famous door. At the same time, there are risks in brand-name products. On August 26, 2010, the “New Elephant Floor” in the floor that was not inspected by the Chengdu Industrial and Commercial Bureau was the cottage. However, if you buy a light brand and pay attention to a single product, even a fake and shoddy product can’t escape the ‘law eye’.

Second, the preferred environmental performance.

The floor is laid at home, and the time of intimate contact with ‘it’ is more than 10 hours per day. Therefore, the environmental performance of the floor is closely related to health and should be considered in the first place. Choosing environmental performance depends on the standard. For example, the F4 star floor proposed by Shengxiang Floor this year has made higher requirements on the release of formaldehyde on the basis of E0 environmental protection.

There is another aspect to be concerned about the choice of environmental performance, because the floor is a service consisting of sales and service, so pay attention to the later paving. Environmentally friendly, adhesives used for floor installations must also meet environmental standards to fully guarantee the environmental friendliness of floor use.

So when the numerous sampling results are not suitable, the most important thing is to look at the ‘formaldehyde emission amount’ sampling result!

Third, look at prices rationally.

The material of the floor determines the quality of the floor. The tree species needed to strengthen the floor need to use a longer growing season, so the forestry resources used have higher requirements. This makes the cost component account for a large part of the selection of materials, so consumers can not afford to pursue low prices for the price on the floor, more consideration of quality and performance!

Release date: 2011/11/4 9:07:06

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