Typhoon “Jade Rabbit” triggered landslides in the Philippines and killed 13 people

Xinhua News Agency, Manila, October 31st (Reporter Zheng Wei) Super Typhoon “Jade Rabbit” After landing in the northern part of Luzon Island in the early morning of October 30, as of the afternoon of the 31st, the resulting landslide has led to Thirteen people were killed and dozens were trapped.

It is understood that the most serious landslide occurred at about 4 pm on the 30th, and the mudslides accompanied by heavy rains hit a building in Natuning, a mountain province in the northern part of the Philippines. Dozens of people are trapped.

As of noon on the 31st, the search and rescue team had successfully rescued 6 people and found 8 bodies. More than 20 people are currently trapped in this building, and their lives are dead.

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