U.S. President fulfills the duties of the predecessor

The Ukrainian parliament held a special meeting on the 23rd to support Speaker Turchinov in carrying out the presidency before the new presidential election and sworn in. On the same day, the Transitional Authority embarked on a “clearing” action against several senior officials of the Yanukovich regime.

A total of 339 members attended the meeting, and 285 of them supported Turchinov on behalf of the presidency. Turchinov is the first vice-president of the motherland. For the political ally of former Prime Minister Tymoshenko, he was elected as the speaker by the parliament on the 22nd, replacing Rebak who resigned as the speaker. The latter is an important ally of Yanukovych.

The Ukrainian parliament also decided at the meeting to lift the duties of several government ministers including the Foreign Minister Kozala in the Yanukovich regime. Kozala was accused of playing an important role in the decision of Yanukovych to set aside the signing of an agreement with the European Union. This incident became the trigger for the political crisis.

Turchinov stressed at the special meeting of the parliament that Ukraine is facing a “catastrophic” economic situation, and there are serious problems in government finance, banking system and social welfare. He instructed the various party groups to reach an agreement on the majority of the group and the formation of the “people’s trust” before the 25th.

The Ukrainian parliament also issued a series of decisions against Yanukovych and its senior officials, including the nationalization of Yanukovich’s private residence in Kiev and the release of 64 counter- Government demonstrators, etc. In addition, the parliament-led transitional authorities have embarked on a “clearing” action against several senior officials of the Yanukovich regime.

The representative of the Procuratorate of the Procuratorate of the Prosecutor’s Office, said that the police have set up a task force to investigate the dismissal of the former Attorney General, Puchongka, and the former government revenue minister, Klimenko. It is planned to arrest the two and transfer them to the judiciary. However, Mahnitzki did not disclose why the two were investigated.

Uzbekistan’s Minister of the Interior, Awakov, informed the parliament that Pusongka and Klimenko had attempted to leave the eastern city of Donetsk but were not released. Peer personnel also included former Minister of Internal Affairs Zaharchenko. The police are investigating “serious crimes against the people”, including “former national leaders”.

On the same day, Yanukovych’s regional party issued a statement saying that the regional party’s efforts to persuade Yanukovych were unsuccessful. The party was actually “a corrupt family”. Kidnapped. In the statement, the regional party condemned Yanukovych’s escape and cringe, condemning its “betrayal behavior” and its published “criminal order”.

Yanukovych’s current whereabouts are unknown. Its spokesman, Herman, told reporters on the 23rd that Yanukovych will not leave Ukraine and will continue to exercise his presidency. Earlier, it was reported that Yanukovych tried to leave from Donetsk on the evening of the 22nd, but was not released, then he went to the eastern city of Kharkov, “refuge”.

On the same day, the Motherland Party issued a message saying that the party’s leader, Tymoshenko, requested that she not be elected as the prime minister of the future national unity government. After the release of Tymoshenko on the 22nd, she announced that she will participate in the presidential election scheduled for May 25th.

On the 23rd, the Tymoshenko team issued a statement saying that she had a phone conversation with German Chancellor Merkel on the same day. Merkel congratulated her on her release and believed that Tymoshenko’s return to Ukrainian politics would be a stable situation. An important factor. The two agreed to meet as soon as possible. (Reporter Yue Lianguo, Gao Chunxi, Liu Hongxia)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

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