U.S. Secretary of State Kerry visits Indonesia to hold talks with Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty

Original title: US Secretary of State Kerry visits Indonesia to hold talks with Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty

International online comprehensive report: 17th local time, US Secretary of State, K. In Jakarta, he held talks with Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty · Natalegawa. The two sides talked about the comprehensive partnership between the two countries and the illegal trade in wildlife, and signed two memoranda.

Marti said at the press conference after the meeting that the two sides discussed regional and international affairs of common interest during the meeting and reviewed the progress made by the two countries in multi-field cooperation in recent years, “both sides The discussion was fruitful and constructive, and the development path of the relationship between the two countries was very positive. At present, our task is to consolidate and make this relationship even further.

In response to recent media outbreaks, when the United States and Indonesia had a foreign trade dispute, the Australian intelligence department used the data at hand to provide detailed information such as secret assistance to its allies. Marty said that neighboring countries should help each other. Instead of listening to each other. Kerry responded by saying that he fully understands the concerns of countries on the issue of monitoring. US President Barack Obama has announced the reform of the intelligence surveillance program. Kerry also stressed that the United States will not collect intelligence in trade and commercial competition.

When talking about the South China Sea issue, Kerry expressed support for Indonesia to negotiate with China in the formulation of the South China Sea Code of Conduct, and hoped that Indonesia would assist the disputed parties in the South China Sea to resolve disputes through dialogue.

Before the press conference, the two sides signed two memorandums of understanding on combating wildlife smuggling, protecting wildlife and promoting South-South and triangular cooperation.

Kerry’s visit is the second visit to Indonesia in half a year after replacing President Obama’s APEC summit in Bali last October.

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