Ukrainian opposition urges president to resign elections before the end of May

China News Service February 22nd According to foreign media reports, Ukrainian opposition leader Klitschko on the 22nd urged the parliament to pass a resolution requesting the country’s president Yanukovych to resign immediately.

Krychinko said, “We must respond to the demands of the people and pass a resolution urging Yanukovych to resign immediately. “The Ukrainian parliament is the only legitimate authority to date.”

Krychinko also revealed that Yanukovich had left Kiev. He called for the Ukrainian election to be held before May 25.

Ukrainian President Yanukovych and opposition representatives signed an agreement in Kiev on the 21st to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. The content includes the restoration of the 2004 Ukrainian Constitution, the establishment of a national unity government within 10 days, and the holding of general elections in advance.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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