Want to open a full-custom furniture franchise store in Nanning, how to choose the site?

Now the furniture industry can be said to have developed very rapidly, especially the rise of custom-made furniture in the whole house. Many people want to join the whole house to get a piece of furniture. However, the location of the store is very important. The location of the whole store custom furniture store is good, and your store is half successful. Then, if you want to open a custom furniture franchise store in Nanning, how to choose a location?

The first step is to investigate The flow of people at the opening location. Count the number of people entering the nearby stores, and look at the proportion of commuters, students, and housewives, and at least once on weekdays and weekends to know the true distribution of traffic.

The second step is to inspect the surrounding environment. At this time, we should observe it from two angles. One is the angle of the businessman: What signs indicate that the location can create performance? Secondly, from the customer’s point of view: Will investors go shopping at this place? The prime location has a corner of the unpopular, There are also hot spots in the business district. The most difficult place to find a place is to see others succeed. I want to copy a whole house custom furniture franchise store next door, unless investors are confident to make their own differentiation.

The third step, look far, look closer, imagine the feeling of the investor’s store in this space, once the name of the store is placed on the signboard, will it be conspicuous? Can people who drive through see it? Can pedestrians notice from the sidewalk? A good store is like a live advertisement. It is not just for people to find investors, but also to show themselves to potential customers who are on the road.

Seeing this, I believe that you have clearly thought about how to choose a site in Nanning to open a custom furniture franchise store. If you have more related issues, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to China Merchants Building Materials Network. Later, it will bring you more exciting content.

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