Water purifier investment is no longer annoying – water purifier join agent selection guide

2017 is nearing its end. What industry is good for 2018 investment? Of course, it is a water purifier. Water purifiers have become hot in recent years, and water purifiers have been favored by investors. But now there are thousands of brands of water purifiers, how to choose a guaranteed brand to become a problem for water purifier investors to think about.

Some people may think of the water purifier brand ranking for the first time. A water purifier brand ranking can certainly indicate the status of a brand in the industry, but it is necessary to judge whether a water purifier brand is suitable for acting as an agent. From many aspects. So how do you look at the quality of the water purifier brand? OWIN Xiaobian offers a selection guide for everyone.

First, identify the market positioning of your agency area

Before choosing a water purifier agent to join the brand, it is recommended It is necessary to first have a pre-assessment on the consumption situation of the agent area, including purchasing power and consumption habits, in order to select brand products that match the consumption level and purchasing power of the local residents. For example, the agent area belongs to the second- and third-tier cities, and the user’s consumption level is not enough to compare with the first-tier cities. At this time, choosing a high-end positioning brand is not conducive to market development.

Second, to examine the comprehensive strength of the target water purifier brand manufacturers

Water purifier agents should try to choose a brand of water purifier manufacturers with comprehensive strength. Therefore, one of the core elements that can not be ignored in order to join the water purifier agent is to investigate the comprehensive strength of the manufacturers of the participating brands.

Third, the product quality of the target water purifier brand is guaranteed

The water purifier is not for the user to buy once and for all, if the quality of the selected brand products often affects The quality of the user experience, after-sales maintenance, etc. will be a headache. Therefore, we must choose a quality water purifier brand to represent the agent.

Fourth, clear service policy for target water purifier brand

Competition in the water purifier market is not just a matter of acting as a distributor, a water purifier manufacturer and Agent franchisees are mutually beneficial. A good water purifier manufacturer will assist the agent franchisee to open up the market as much as possible. Therefore, when choosing a brand, it is also necessary to clarify which service support policies the water purifier manufacturers have for the agent to join the dealer.

To do the above, it is no longer difficult to choose a water purifier to join the agent.

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