What is Xiaomi Tao doing? How does Xiaomi Tao join to make money?

Welcome to the Xiaomi Tao family

First opportunity. What is Xiaomi Tao?

Global Blockchain Project

Blockchain Social new retail pioneers

Xiaomi Tao is a blockchain social new retail platform jointly funded by two billion-dollar companies, Longliqi, Scene Technology Valley, and an Internet company, Bendao Group.

What is Xiaomi Tao doing? Blockchain social e-commerce new retail, online platform + offline store

What is Xiaomitao doing? Innovating traditional social e-commerce + blockchain , consumer blockchain construction, application of blockchain technology to create a new retail model with digital economy

What is Xiaomitao doing? Shopping + making money

Grasping the opportunities of the times, Open a new era of consumption, seize the high point of social new retail, apply the open and transparent ledger of the blockchain, and build together to achieve a win-win situation!

1. Venture partner 398 yuan, and send 398 peaches Coin (direct push reward 1000 honey Tao coins worth 100 yuan)

2. Dream partner: direct push 5, team 30 people

(direct push award 2000 peach coins) ,group See point 1000 Peach coins, flat stage 200 Peach currency

3. Star Partner: Direct Push reached five dream partner, team total number of 1,000 people. Directly push 2,500 peach coins, indirect 1500 peach coins.

And the platform’s monthly mall consumption is 1%, and the weighted average is given to the star partners.

The registered order performance is 1% per day, and the weighted average is given to the star partner.

Remarks: All the peaches and coins have a large value-added space at the end of 0.1 yuan, and this year is expected to increase by 50 times. The partner spending that contributes to the platform is rewarded with you! We build our own platform for value-added consumption.

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