What to pay attention to in summer tile paving

If you want to create a comfortable home in the summer, tile paving needs What issues are you paying attention to? According to the climatic characteristics of the summer period, let us talk about the issues that should be paid attention to when laying tiles in this period. Summer tile paving tips, get up quickly!

There are many natural things in the world, such as sunshine and cats, such as air conditioners and quilts, such as tiles and home, or maybe, watermelon and your summer; Oufulai ceramic, let the home have more life. Let’s feel together Summer wind, the most practical inspiration for summer…

Summer, has not been considered a good season for decoration, because the summer is hot and dry, the rain is damp In fact, home decoration has advantages and disadvantages regardless of the season. As long as it avoids the problems that are easy to appear in summer decoration, it can be used to avoid the short tile and paste the perfect tile effect.

If you want to create a comfortable home in the summer, what issues should you pay attention to when laying tiles? According to the climate characteristics of the summer season, let us talk about the porcelain in this period. Should pay attention to the problem. Summer tile paving skills, quickly get up!

01, summer tile gap should be finer than usual

When laying tiles, you must master the size to avoid the gap between the tiles being too large or too small to affect the overall effect of the paving.

When laying tiles in summer, the gap should be slightly tighter than usual, so as to avoid the gap becoming larger and affecting the appearance when the temperature is lowered. Tile seams can be used at the seam between the tile and the wall. To form a transition, this not only handles the drawbacks of excessive wall and tile gaps, but also plays an aesthetic role.

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02, Seasonal tiles should be kept hydrated

The summer is dry, the temperature is high, and the water is easily evaporated, except for the bricks before the paving. The bricks absorb the water sufficiently to prevent the moisture in the cement from being sucked away by the bricks. The dry walls also need to be treated – one hour before the paving, some water is sprinkled onto the walls.

We also need to carry out wet maintenance after laying bricks, that is, within three to five days after paving the bricks, sprinkle water on the paved tiles every day. Make sure that the moisture in the bricks does not evaporate too quickly.

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03, kitchen and tile first floor tiles or first wall tiles

first wall tiles or first floor tiles, can be The key to the construction is to pay attention to two issues: whether it is conducive to the protection of the project of the pre-construction; and whether it is conducive to a reasonable installation and construction progress.

The practice of the decoration company or the construction party is, oneFirstly, the wall tiles are paved first, then the floor tiles are laid, and the wall tiles are laid and the floor tiles are laid. It will not affect the wall tiles and will not delay the construction period.

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04, remember to ventilate after the tile is laid.

The floor of the tiled floor is best covered with a layer of cardboard, watered through, then Open the window and let it dry naturally.

For wall surfaces with porcelain tiles, if you encounter high temperatures in the summer and do not rain for a long time, you should spray water regularly to make the tiles dry. Slower and stick more firmly.

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05, remember to check in time after tile paving

After 12 hours of paving, you should tap the brick surface to check if there is an empty drum. The sound is re-paved, and all brick paving can be walked and scrubbed after 24 hours.

If the anti-fouling product is difficult to wipe clean, it is a normal phenomenon. It can be easily removed by wiping with a household steel ball to reveal the luster. . Please use clean water or neutral detergent for cleaning, and then wipe with a cloth to avoid slipping.

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06, timely treatment of joints after drying and solidification

The jointing of tiles is generally done after the tiles are dried, and summer The temperature is higher and the water evaporates faster, so the time it takes for the tiles to dry is faster than in other seasons. If the tiles are not completely dry, the joints will cause the tiles to be uneven and loose, so that the tiles will fall off easily during later use.

So, it is necessary to clean the dust and impurities in the tile brick before the jointing, and then squeeze the grout into the brick joint. When filling, be sure to Squeeze and fill the fullness, and clean the joint material of the brick surface in time after the joint!

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Summer decoration, as long as the objective conditions of high summer temperature and fast evaporation of water are utilized, safe, reasonable and efficient construction, according to the normal construction process and construction process, each job is done. You can also make a project that will satisfy you!


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