When the school district becomes a thing of the past, it gives each student the best teacher

As the founder of Ford Motors said, never provide customers with faster horses.

In the rigid demand that 30 million high school students and parents have spawned, it is difficult to find a cross-age pro forma solution in the college entrance examination market. Any small change around demand will be seen as a huge innovation in this market.

But neither the common offline tutoring classes nor the popular online learning websites have solved the core problems of the education industry. The scarcity of teachers and the way they are presented are facilitated.

So we can find that all the participants who failed to solve these three problems at the same time finally became the dust under the wheel of the industry and were crushed by ruthlessness.

After 10 years of deep education in the education industry, Wang Haitao and Win Ding Education decided to become the industry’s wagons, and they led a new storm of change, and their flagship product —— A little horse & middot; the college entrance examination robot, naturally become the focus of attention in the industry.

Education like filming

The film industry is the most generous in its investment in content.

A high-quality Hollywood film cost about $1 billion to $2 billion in the early days. This huge amount of money gives the producers great resource mobilization, making it easier to produce a movie.

Education is also like this. In order to obtain quality teaching content, it will inevitably cost a lot. This point, Wang Haitao obviously has a deep understanding.

Wang Haitao, founder of Win Ding Education

& ldquo;Little Horse · As a college counseling tool for students, the previous teaching content alone, Wang Haitao and the team spent a whole year preparing. He searched for the first-line teachers in the country and persuaded them to do content support for their products.

In addition to time, Win Ding’s investment in money is also full of sincerity. They provide teachers with the highest salary in the industry, which is 50%~100% higher than other peers.

After winning the scarce faculty, Winning Education is not in a hurry to let the teacher start teaching. The first thing they have to do is to edit the textbook.

Similar to the film industry, before the lecture, the teaching director who has many years of experience in the college entrance examination will conduct strict curriculum design and textbook writing with the teacher. Acting as the director of the teaching director will ensure that the actor & mdash; — teacher & mdash; & mdash; teaching plan is scientific and efficient enough.

When the long preparatory work is in place, the lectures will be formally carried out. From the basic knowledge points to the later exercises, the teachers will teach in strict accordance with the original plan, to ensure the quality of teaching while avoiding the redundancy of content.

It is precisely under the dual factors of the famous teacher’s class and the teaching plan that the class time of a single subject is greatly shortened. It not only ensures the effective grasp of the knowledge points, but also reduces the length of the students’ lectures. This proves to be an effective teaching plan. In addition, the course content will be updated and supplemented on time according to the annual outline changes.

We all know that teaching content and teacher resources are the core values ​​of education, but the two are obviously not a simple superposition relationship. A good course must also correspond to a good teacher to produce a chemical reaction. Why win-win education “movie-style content builds the reason for great success.”

So an online education institution that is not willing to spend a lot of money on content development can only be regarded as an Internet company, not an education company.

Restoring the original face of learning

In the ecology of the education industry, users are students, buyers are parents, and the final assessment is the school teacher.

Therefore, how to present content and products to students more efficiently, and improve the effect and experience of the product has become a bit of a problem in the early days of the college entrance examination robot.

Under the traditional learning scene, students complete the recording and transformation of knowledge content through pen and paper. This kind of interaction has existed for nearly a hundred years. However, the existing market products have not been able to meet such traditional interactions, and they are still “clicking” and “touching”.

Wang Haitao understands the negative impact of this “splitting interaction method”, which will interrupt the students’ problem-solving ideas to a certain extent. It is necessary to restore the traditional learning method in multiple dimensions, which is what he asked for himself and a little horse team.

In the end, Wang Haitao kept the pen and paper “seat” in a little horse.

In addition to basic writing tasks, this magical pen also has the interactive function of teaching materials and PAD. The high-definition camera at the nib can identify the special code points on the textbook. After clicking, the knowledge points and video lessons will be explained on the PAD within 2 seconds. At the same time, all the student’s learning trajectories can be recorded and synchronized to the cloud.

All of the above content is stored on a removable hard drive called a smart box. In this black box with a palm, a 2000GB video of all content courses covering the High School and Nine University is stored. More importantly, the entire device does not need to be connected to the network to ensure that students learn in a focused environment.

itsIt is still in pursuit of a perfect learning experience.

This perfection has also been verified by the market. “A little horse is listed for only 5 months, and the monthly sales have exceeded 10 million yuan, and it is increasing at a rate of 20% per month. However, Wang Haitao did not stop. The new generation of horses is already in the process of development, and smarter and more portable equipment will meet the students soon.

Responsible for the effects

All education needs to answer the question: How to ensure the effective learning of students when they lose the management and supervision of the traditional teaching system?

This problem will be sharper and sharper in the K12 stage. For most students, weak self-control is their biggest enemy. It is also the reason why many online educations still stay in novelty apps and game-based teaching.

Developing a sticky learning product is easy for children to indulge, but too ordinary products are hard to get the attention of children, and everything seems to be in a dead end.

Wang Haitao considered this issue at the beginning of the project. On the one hand, a little horse equipment will automatically generate data reports according to the child’s usage and send them to their parents’ mobile phones so that they can understand their children’s learning status. On the other hand, more than 500 one-point college entrance examination robots experience centers have been established. Adopt the mode of “hardware + software + content + service” to improve the teaching management services such as offline counseling and manual Q & A.

The advantage of a little horse is that the teaching content itself is good enough, but it still does not abandon the online link to establish effective links with students.

“The education industry enterprise must be a terminal service company in the future, the effect mode is the invincible mode, and Wang Haitao determines his own judgment on the future. Because only in combination with offline services, online education can guarantee the effect of learning to a certain extent.

In a brochure, carefully recorded more than 20 students who used a little horse to score points, including many cases where the score was over 100%. These students have been saddened by poor grades and even have conflicts with their parents and teachers. The emergence of a little horse undoubtedly relieved them of the biggest obstacles in the learning process.

Written at the end

“ There is no shortcut in the education industry.

What the Internet can do is to accelerate the evolution of the entire industry, but it does not change the nature of many businesses.

At present, 70% of K-12 online education companies in China are at a loss, and 15% are flat 10% of companies die, only 5% of profitable companies, and the entire industry does not have a product that dominates the market.

We are very happy to see that there is a little horse · the cross-age products of the college entrance examination robots, the end result of their series of efforts is a holistic necessity, that is, one capable The educational industry chain and ecology of hematopoiesis and positive circulation.

Author: A Yu

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