Why is the insulation performance of aluminum-clad wood doors and windows so good?

Why is the thermal insulation performance of aluminum-clad wood doors and windows so good?

Many customers choose aluminum-clad wood doors and windows in addition to the stylish appearance of aluminum-clad wood doors and windows, but also value the thermal insulation performance of aluminum-clad wood doors and windows. In the case of buildings, the heat loss of doors and windows of the same area is 5 to 6 times that of the same area, so in general, the heat loss of customers accounts for more than 40% of the buildings. Generally, there are three ways to lose heat from the customer. One is the loss of heat conduction through the aluminum alloy profile, and then the heat loss caused by the off-hour radiation. The last aspect is the heat loss through the air convection through the gap between the door and window.

1, aluminum-clad wood profile
aluminum-clad wood door profile will be insulated under the premise of retaining the characteristics and functions of pure solid wood doors and windows (Broken bridge) The frame of aluminum alloy profiles and solid wood composited by mechanical methods. These two materials are joined by a high-molecular nylon piece that takes care of the different properties of the wood and metal shrinkage coefficients. At the same time, the energy saving effect is very obvious because the indoor side wood profile blocks the heat bridge of indoor and outdoor energy transfer.
2, Low-E hollow glass
Low-E glass, also known as low-emissivity glass, is a film-based product consisting of multiple layers of metal or other compounds on the surface of the glass. The cavity is filled with dry and static air, which greatly reduces the thermal conductivity, which can greatly reduce the transmission of indoor thermal energy to the outdoor caused by radiation, and achieve the desired energy saving effect. At the same time, Low-E glass has a high transmittance to visible light in sunlight, up to 80%, and the emissivity is below 0.1. Therefore, Low-E insulating glass has excellent heat insulation, sound insulation and frost resistance. Exposure performance.
3, sealing material
As one of the accessories for doors and windows, elastic sealing strip is the most wearable and continuous part of the building doors and windows, its functional effectiveness not only directly leads to safety problems, but also affects the building Insulation performance of doors and windows as well as water tightness and air tightness.
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