Why is the lock floor easy to lift?

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There is a way to lock the floor

When buying a floor, we usually hear the introduction of shopping guide, single lock, triple lock, etc. Which one is more secure?

In fact, no matter what kind of lock Form, the gap between them is not large. The lock floor is well engaged, mainly depends on the installation level. In addition, from the material point of view, choose the lock floor, in general, the parquet or laminate flooring is better, because this The two materials are relatively stable. If you choose a solid wood lock floor, it is best to choose a solid wood, or special treatment, such as carbonization, beeswax sealing, etc., to enhance the stability of the wood, or to make it damp. The possibility of the wood floor is not reduced. The solid wood floor without special treatment is not suitable for use in the case of a wide range of environmental humidity.

The reason for the lifting is not related to the glue

Expert Member of China Forest Products Industry Association, Forest Products Inspection Center of the State Forestry Administration (Changchun) Ren Wangjun said that the reason for the lifting can not be attributed to the glue, and even if the lock floor is glued, the lifting problem may occur. The manufacturer’s statement is very unscientific.

Wang Jun explained, including the lock All the wooden floors, such as the floor, are the main reason for the installation technology is that the installation technology is too close or the installation environment is too humid. However, the main reason is due to the humidity. If the humidity in the room is too high or the residents often use wet Wiping the floor with a rag, etc., will cause the floor to expand irregularly and rise up. Therefore, if the problem of large humidity is not fundamentally solved and the installation technology is improved, no matter what kind of lock floor is changed, there will still be lifting. Phenomenon.

There is no need to lock the locks.

There is a question about whether the lock floor should be glued. The reporter also investigated the market. Several floor brands visited by reporters In the middle of the shopping guide, almost all of them said that the choice of the lock floor would eliminate the need for glue, so the gap is smaller and more environmentally friendly.

But Wang Jun said that in fact, the lock floor is installed without glue. Situation There is no rule. The lock can simply control the deformation of the floor. It can be used without glue, but it is also possible to use glue according to the environment and customer’s needs.

The difference between glue and glue That is, without using glue, when the wood floor is inflated and contracted, the floor will be deformed less. When the temperature is low, the gap generated by the floor will average between each floor. However, if it is fixed on the floor and protected from moisture. The angle of the glue is used, then there may be a situation where the local area is particularly large.

The furniture movement is very particular

The large furniture in the house is not convenient to move, so I don’t want to change the furniture below. Floor. Wang Jun said that this is not feasible. It is difficult to open the floor from the middle of the room for partial replacement, because removing the floor will destroy the tongue. He advised the owner to move the furniture to one side of the room and then to remove it from the other side, which is more convenient than moving the furniture out of the room. In addition, it is also very important to re-place the furniture that has been removed from the room on the re-paved floor.

Wang Jun introduced that there is no fixed value for the time of placing furniture. Under normal circumstances, it is more appropriate to put the furniture after the moisture content of the floor and the environment balance, but it takes 15 to 20 days. If the user needs to put the furniture as soon as possible, put the furniture on one side of the room after 48 hours of installation of all the floors. After a period of time, the floor is adapted to the environment, and then the furniture is evenly placed, so as to avoid temperature changes. There are uneven gaps in the floor.

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