Wine and tea student Zou Qinghui: The food stall hawkers are converted into billionaires, empowering 15 million traditional smoke hotels

From the stalls, the three rounds, the sale of fruit, to the current billionaire, this one has been stranded The young people on the beaches of life have inadvertently seized an opportunity in the era of rapid development, and turned from the tide to the tide.

At first sight, Zou Qinghui was in his home in Jinyuan Yansha, Haidian District, Beijing. We sat by the window and the windows were busy. After pouring a cup of tea, Zou Qinghui’s words began to open, and he sketched his “blue tea” on the paper towel. He painted nine pages with great care.

Like many successful people, young embarrassment can often become a talk of today’s success. Zou Qinghui talked about his past without hesitation. He was born in a remote little girl who was 200 kilometers away from Harbin. In order to repay the debts owed in his family, he dropped out of school in junior high school.

Big and big. From his narrative, it is easy to reminiscent of the kind of sorrow described in Yu Hua’s novel “Going out at the age of eighteen”: It turns out that youth can be an experience or a dream to be remembered.

From the stalls, the three rounds, the sale of fruit, to the current billionaires, such a young man who has been stranded on the beach of life has inadvertently seized one of today’s fast-paced times. The opportunity, turned from the tide to the tide.

Economics that came out

When it comes to economics, most people feel that they are tall and far away. However, Zou Qinghui began to derive a set of economics from the small business such as stalls: economics of the spread, balcony economics … … and the core thinking of the whole set of economics is “altru.” “The ultimate altruism is the best self-interest, this spirit runs through his entrepreneurial.

In 1998, 18-year-old Zou Qinghui was alone in Beijing with 300 yuan. Because of his experience in setting up a stall in Harbin, he quickly found an open space in Fengtai Xinhua Street in Beijing, laid a piece of cloth and put some bananas on it, and his fruit business began.

In 1998, starting from the stalls, three rounds, selling fruits

The cheerful Zou Qinghui soon broke into the circle of local vegetable farmers. Zou Qinghui is very good at observing life, and is also good at summing up. At the same time of selling fruits, he quickly discovered that a large number of these vegetable farmers “pain points: most of the retail farmers in Beijing came from the surrounding areas, and they took a burden in the morning. Vegetables come over and need to go home in the evening, and the market has to get a stall. Zou Qinghui believes that the opportunity to make money comes, and he began to occupy the booth for the farmers. Wait until the afternoon, when the farmers will go back, leave the unsold goods to him as a thank you. With this batch of vegetables, he moved to another place to sell. Obviously, this is a beautiful thing. Gradually, I tasted the sweetness of convenience. I am more than happy to find Zou Qinghui’s vegetable growers. He hired him and his older children to give him a job, occupying stalls and selling vegetables and fruits.

“ Without any cost, earning 8,000 yuan in less than three months, almost became a & ldquo; million households & rsquo;. Zou Qinghui grinned and grinned. Because at that time, they had a small number of households in their hometown, and now they can recall the pride of flashing from his eyes.

During the period of the stall, Zou Qinghui got up at 3 am every day, rushed to the morning market at 5 o’clock, rushed to the morning market, sold things in another place, went to the night market in the evening, and collected at 12 o’clock in the evening. He only slept for 3 hours a day. He insisted on a full year and earned the first pot of gold.

After dealing with small business hawkers for a long time, Zou Qinghui began to find people’s high demand for tobacco and alcohol. Unwilling to the status quo, in the second year of coming to Beijing, he began renting a balcony of more than 10 square meters in Qilizhuang, Fengtai East Street, and started to do tobacco and alcohol business. Zou Qinghui’s business is not bad, relying on the early greed, 365 days without a day of hard work and the principle of good faith management. Seeing the prospects of the tobacco and alcohol business, he began to prepare for the second store and the third store. In just one year, Zou Qinghui opened to the third store, and by 2001, he had opened nine balcony shops.

In 1999, Zou Qinghui’s first balcony shop opened in Qilizhuang, Fengtai East Street

Because of the accurate grasp of people’s consumer demand, Zou Qinghui changed from a fruit stall owner to a smoke hotel owner. In the following ten years, he took the road of professional operation.

It’s hard to become a forest, but it’s going to be big. When others are still selling in a single store, he started the first integration, bought four or five stores, and upgraded to Dongrun. Hongfu Chain, the daily revenue of a single store soared from 3,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan.

The Dongrun Hongfu Century City Head Office was completed, and it was in full swing. “Chain Management

Some people, from the first shot, are not in the pool. He continued to strengthen and upgrade, and built the largest flagship brand showroom in China. He has attracted many wineries to sign strategic cooperation with him. The revenue has changed from more than 3 million a year to now. More than 3 billion. In 2016, Dongrun Hongfu was listed in the Qianhai Equity Exchange Center.

One step at a time, Zou Qinghui’s business is getting bigger and bigger like a snowball.

Adding a new material

The watershed is constantly changing from the market.

Once, whenWhen the industry is in good shape, everyone has money to earn money. Now, such a market has passed.

At this time, Zou Qinghui has already achieved the largest wine industry chain in Beijing and even China, but he realized that “the sky has changed.” And “Day becomes faster than you think. The old human environment and business operations are rapidly declining. The old world on which people depend is collapsing, and the new world reveals its sharp teeth. People are either it. Devouring, or riding on its back.

According to incomplete statistics, in the past few years, the number of smoke hotels nationwide has reached more than 15 million, of which a small number are franchise stores, most of which are husband and wife stores, or brothers. The fellowship is operated by a partnership. However, in recent years, the market has changed dramatically, the number of smoke hotels has plummeted, and more and more closed doors have been closed. The living environment of the hotel has changed radically. With the increasingly transparent informationization and lower profits, coupled with consumption upgrades and brand upgrades, the living space of most traditional tobacco and tea shops has gradually been compressed. The trend of branding and chaining has become more and more obvious. Traditional smoke hotels either embrace the trend or gradually decline. However, most of the operators have been engaged in the tobacco and alcohol business for most of their lives, and it is very likely that they will face acclimatization and risk. How should the integration of wine and tea in the smoke hotel channel be done? How should the tobacco hotel be transformed in the upper and lower extrusion? How to adapt to the demand for new retail?

In the smoke hotel business, accumulated years of experience, and then Coupled with extraordinary courage and accurate grasp of the development trend of the industry, Zou Qinghui saw the value and significance of the integration of wine and tea. “Traditional smoke hotels have obvious advantages in terms of single store cost and operational flexibility. If someone can organize them and twist them into a rope, it will be a force that cannot be underestimated in the field of alcohol circulation. He said, “Renovating an industry is far more valuable than destroying an industry.

On April 1st, 2014, a discussion about wine and tea was published all over the world from the platform of the distant European Academy in Bruges, Belgium. “The subtle restraint of tea and the passionate and unrestrained expression of wine represent Two different ways of savoring life and interpreting the world. However, tea and wine are not incompatible. People can drink a few thousand cups of confidant, but also taste tea and taste the life. Although the original intention of this passage was to discuss Sino-European relations, it led to Zou Qinghui’s thinking. From then on, he opened the road of exploration and innovation in the integration of wine and tea.

Retail is the most close to the lives of the people. Zou Qinghui, who has been engaged in liquor retailing, is well versed in his business, his keen insight and superb execution, so he quickly found a good strategy for breaking the game. ——Add a little new material, that is, wine and tea fusion, take the road to health. Beginning in 2016, Zou Qinghui led the team to start the layout, and the wine tea came into being. Tea and tea students have created a new retail of healthy living in Chinese tea, advocating “drinking wine & tea blending & middot; the brand concept of endless life, creating a new retail innovation model for Internet sharing in line with healthy living, the original source, pioneering & quot; wine + tea +Life Health Preferred product and service experience, build a reliable brand of wine and healthy life around the people.

In 2016, the wine and tea business opened, creating a new retail platform for healthy living

“Why, why is it called wine tea, after the integration of wine and tea, the representative of life, the integration of wine and tea can increase health products, and there can be unlimited extension. Zou Qinghui said. This is not only a fusion of wine and tea at the cultural level, but a new leap in new retail, new health, new retail and new retail.

According to Zou Qinghui, there are currently three business models for wine tea students:

The first form is to bring tea with wine. The wine structure is basically divided into two categories, one is the famous wine brand of the agent, the other is the custom brand developed, the famous wine brings the flow, and the customized brand brings the profit. This part of tea is also divided into two categories, the famous teas in the six major producing areas of the country. At the same time, according to the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the seasonal tea combination is another type of self-operated brand, Oriental Herbal Health Tea. On this basis, according to the crowd, season, function, the tea and tea fusion product gift box combination, through the flow of wine, to promote the sale of tea.

The second form is the standard store for wine tea. The standard store and the tea shop have the same business model, which is also based on the blending pattern of wine and tea, but the standard store is more refined than the big store, especially in the application of new technologies, such as fast payment.

The third form is the modern way of drinking tea. In the downstairs of Beijing Yansha Shopping Mall, the crowded area of ​​the wine, the experience of the wine tea experience store, and other modern tea shops, you can drink a glass of wine. Through the integration of lifestyles, the consumption of wine and tea is realized.

Relying on the above three forms, the wine tea students realized the reconstruction of the consumption scene and realized the deepening of the consumption experience.

Li Jing, former vice president of Baidu, said that the key to any commercial success is the ability to continuously create and deliver differentiated value. Throughout the country, in line with the innovation practice under the background of Internet technology revolution and consumption upgrade, some enterprises have begun to do “the integration of tea and wine,” “smoke tea fusion, but the real realization of “alcoholic tea + health and landing only the current wine Tea is a family.

The empowerment of 15 million smoke hotels

The shift from the interest rate difference to the “altitude of interest” is an important logic for the birth of tea and tea.

The traditional smoke hotel industry tends to keep a close eye on the profit margin, which is far behind the times, and the tea-teachers have realized a shift from “the spread to the “altitude of altruism”.

Do not play small abacus, play big abacus; not individual heroism, collectiveHeroism; not only big, but the formation of a community, the stars of the arch, the million horse car, together with the development, is also Zong Qinghui’s consistent style. He emphasized that only altruistic, synergistic, and win-win business models are good business models. The pattern of wine tea is multi-win.

First of all, benefit consumers. Tobacco and alcohol are harmful to the human body, but they can’t be avoided. The tea and tea students use the altruistic thinking to make a closed-loop consumption, and use the products of “tea and” to minimize the harm to the human body.

Secondly, franchisees. It is understood that the gross profit of the smoke hotel is generally around 20%. If you add the “tea and the “raw”, you can increase the gross profit margin of the single store by 50%. The pattern of tea and wine students just solved the problem of the single store profit of the hotel.

Tea and wine can carry out three major upgrades to the new store, product upgrade —— combine the two major categories of tea and raw products to enhance the overall income of the store; service upgrade —— Increase the store life service experience area, strengthen the experience service and the sale of goods; environmental upgrade & mdash; & mdash; from the store decoration, merchandise display, beauty Chen cloth exhibition multi-dimensional enhance the overall environment of the store.

Zou Qinghui said that after upgrading, the biggest difference between tea and wine students is the addition of a leisure experience area. Customers can enjoy a variety of fresh tea in the store according to their personal preferences. All kinds of health products with the same medicine and food, such as medlar, blueberry, raspberry, jujube, honey, etc., in addition to the products that consumers can purchase in the store, they can also directly store in the store, such as about three or five. Friends of the small tea wine shop tea chat.

Consumers are about three or five friends Tea chat

Then the supplier. Obviously, unlike the model of vertical liquor retailers, wine tea students pay more attention to the health elements & mdash;—“ “The raw products are mainly healthy and healthy products with the same medicine and food homologous and recipe technology. And these suppliers, especially the origin, will benefit from it, so that their high-quality agricultural products will be escorted by the people’s health through the tea.

One life, two, three, three things. After years of accumulation, the tea is thick and thin, and is rapidly fissioning.

Zou Qinghui accepts an exclusive interview with CCTV’s famous host Aqiu

It is understood that at present, there are 5 direct-operated stores in the tea-teachers, and 95 franchisees have signed up in the country. The first franchise store has opened in Beijing this year. In the next step, the tea and tea students will create a “Thousands of Cities” store plan to help more traditional tobacco hotels achieve industrial transformation.

Written at the end

When everyone’s eyes are on cutting-edge technology industries such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain, tobacco and tea are the oldest and most popular with the general public. Related industries, how to interpret and evolve in a new era.

Consumption upgrading and the big health industry are a big core of the future economy. I believe that the case of wine tea students has reference and reference for the entire consumer goods industry.

 The value of development is the development of quality, the new era of consumption upgrading, only sustainable development after adhering to value development. This is Zou Qinghui’s basic judgment on the future market development. It is foreseeable that when brands and channels work together to embrace change, this rewriting of the order of the liquor industry “is a must, and it is really a wave of people who lead and set off the industry and change again.

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