Wooden crafts are recycled from old buildings

Wooden cutlery and kitchen utensils were designed by designer Ariele Alasko and look incredibly beautiful and elegant. The designer lives in Brooklyn, New York. Initially started building furniture for her own apartment and quickly developed from a fun hobby to a full-time job.
Wooden crafts, wooden tables and kitchen utensils use natural materials from centuries-old buildings. Wood crafts are fascinating and attractive, charming and unique. The designer collects materials, removes recycled wood pieces, and uses natural coloring and patina to create complex patterns in her wood craft without the use of any smudges.

Every piece of wood tableware and kitchen utensils takes a few days to complete, as each piece of wood is individually cut to perfection Fit to ensure that the surface produced is smooth without any gaps. Designers and carpentry create amazing dishes, spoons and chopping boards. These wooden cutlery and kitchen utensils are unique, handmade and unique.
Making different kinds of wood, these fabulous wood crafts look very attractive. Gorgeous textured natural wood and the color of the salvage wood, natural crepe, cracks and crepe, the annual rings and traces add a feminine and beautifully carved wood carving crafts. Natural wood materials create a soothing and relaxing effect.

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