Xue Hui Neng, founder of Haihuike: Promoting the construction of high-quality imported goods direct sales system

For a long time, the lack of price advantage and the homogenization of products have always plagued the development of many domestic imported goods stores. With the national series of tax reduction and customs clearance facilitation initiatives, industry opportunities have opened up. In Chongqing, there is a star enterprise —— Chongqing Yangzhan Shopping Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is relying on a unique business model to deeply solve the pain points of the above industries.

It is reported that the company will launch its first direct selling brand of imported goods —— Haihuike. Relying on the unique overseas collection and domestic direct sales model, more types, better quality, more competitive prices of imported goods can truly enter the homes of ordinary people. Yesterday, the reporter talked to Xue Guoneng, chairman of Chongqing Yangzhan Shopping Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., to interpret the business password of Haihuike.


Overseas brands are about to break into the Chinese market

Recently, the State Council announced that it will further reduce the import tariffs on overseas consumer goods from July 1 this year. Many domestic consumer goods, which are closely related to the needs of residents, have fallen by more than 60% after this tariff adjustment. According to industry insiders, this has released a clear signal: in the future, the threshold for overseas brands to enter the country will be greatly reduced, and the era of foreign goods will come.

Xue Guoneng told reporters that in the past, domestic distributors sold more imported goods on a few of them. In fact, in foreign countries, many products, regardless of quality or price, far exceed the current explosive products in the country. The current proportion of good products entering the country, accounting for less than 5%.

For example, an imported lactic acid bacteria product has a lactic acid bacteria content of only 1 in China, and another product in the country of the brand has a lactic acid bacteria content of 3. Don’t look at the gap between the two gradients. The former can only be consumed when it reaches the stomach. The latter can reach the intestines and produce good results. The point is that in terms of price, the latter has just entered the domestic market, so the price is much lower than the former.

Xue Guoneng said that since last year, Yangzhan has expanded its supply chain business based on the traditional O2O store business and created a company’s Haitao direct sales platform called “Haihuike”. It is to help these products with high cost performance enter the domestic market, so that more Chinese can enjoy better products at lower prices.

Layout Haihuike

Promote direct sales model to benefit consumers

What is the business model of Haihuike? In this regard, Xue Guoneng said that the advantages of Haihuike are mainly concentrated in three parts.

The first is to promote more new products into China through a strict selection mechanism. Yangzhan will build overseas warehouses in overseas brands such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States, and will select new products that are more cost-effective and of better quality than the existing domestic products, and purchase them into China to change existing imports. The drawback of serious homogenization of goods.

Secondly, through the direct sales model, the intermediate links are saved to the consumer. As a direct sales platform, Haihuike has changed the sales channels of imported goods in the past, and sold them directly to consumers after overseas purchases, greatly reducing the selling price of overseas products. On the terminal channel, Haihuike will deploy more than 1,000 retail outlets in the business circle within two years. Among them, the focus will be on the development of the southwest region to ensure that ordinary people in the southwestern region can buy cheap foreign goods at their doorsteps.

Once again, through identity tracing, Haitao completely bid farewell to the “fake troubles.” All of Haihuike’s products are sourced from traceable sources, third-party insurance companies are underwritten, and fake ones are lost.

Experience is king

Let imported products feel and try


These newly imported imported goods are not familiar to domestic consumers. If they simply rely on the distribution of goods to many companies, consumers will definitely not buy them. The Haihui customers of Yangzhan will focus on the consumer experience and linkage brands. Let’s open up the domestic market and let consumers feel and experience new imported products at close range.

Here, on the one hand, consumers can see new foreign products that are not seen anywhere else, many of which will enter China for the first time; on the other hand, they can feel detailed about specific products here. Experience, consult, choose the most suitable imported products. In addition, the store invites overseas professionals to interact with each other every year to answer questions for consumers. For example, an Australian pharmacist can be invited to conduct an authoritative interpretation of the current Australian milk powder formula and target population, and recommend the most suitable imported milk powder for Bao Ma, and enjoy the guidance and services of professionals.

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