Zhixin transcends the army: abandoning 20 million business for 750 yuan, refining the new oriental school and thinking about the invisible giant

No one will rush to the wolves, and the education and training market is already a red sea as early as ten years ago. However, Zhixin has surpassed the trend and has grown wildly and become a leader in the customary education industry. In the education and training industry, brands that have survived for more than five years are few and far between, and Zhixin has stood for ten years. This begs the question: How is it to the grassroots of the body quickly open the market to become the education industry & ldquo; invisible giants

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As the founder of Zhixin Beyond Education, Qi Jun seems to be born with a maverick temperament. He often walks around the mall with his employees. If you look good, you always have a big hand: “Buy, one person.” A few years later, Qi Jun bought a suit, bought a shirt, bought a tie, bought a belt … … basically, except for the pants, the army has bought everything for everyone, and it is never biased, everyone There are.

The team led by such leaders is very wolf. There are problems, no mutual complaints, always teamwork, everyone has twisted into a rope, and they are struggling to move forward.

And the special case of the army is not only reflected in the way the team is treated, but also in his view of entrepreneurship. When talking about the original intention of his business, there is a bit of fate.


The story begins with the 750 dollars a decade ago

In 1998, the army was 27 years old.

Resigning to the sea to start a business, but failed. In the most difficult time, I not only lost my daughter’s lucky money, but also owed 100,000 foreign debts. At this time, her daughter Tingting was ill and needed a hospitalization fee of 300 yuan.

Before going to sea, Qi Jun once held a senior management position in the listed company Heyang Group, and he was annoyed with a penny. At this time, the three hundred dollars made him difficult.

In the night, he walked in the snow for most of the night. When he got home, he slammed his door open. The strong man of Henan, who was holding his wife, burst into tears. The child is very ill, but as a father, he is unable to treat her, and the embarrassment in her heart is hard to say.

The next day, my father-in-law asked him to help organize the couplet. The group walked on the road and heard the little scorpion suddenly shouting: “Whose money is this?” The army heard the words and looked down and found that the white flowers were all green and colorful.

Ghosts make a difference, he replies: “It’s mine.”

A new banknote, with a face value of fifty-one, was helped by everyone and handed over to the army. He counted a total of 750 yuan.

This 750 yuan from the sky solved the urgent need, but planted a skeleton in the heart of the army.

A year later, a Henan media reported such a news. The little girl was suffering from an emergency, but she had no money to heal. A strange man came to the hospital and paid 920 medical expenses for the little girl, but he was unwilling to leave his name. I only said one sentence: “I am paying back the money.”

In this way, the squadron returned 750 dollars that he had taken, but the debt in his heart was difficult to pay off. Since then, whenever there is a charity event, he is always indispensable.

On May 12, 2008, an earthquake struck Wenchuan. In spite of the family’s opposition, the army rushed to the earthquake-stricken area at the risk of aftershocks. In Beichuan, he not only donated money, but also took a large spoon to cook for the victims. When I left, the army suddenly wanted to see the children who survived the earthquake.

Following the instructions of the volunteers, he came to the tent school next to Beichuan Middle School. Opening the curtain, the scene in front of him made him red. Dozens of small children all slept on the wet ground, the girls were unkempt, and the boys were dirty. Looking at this strange man who suddenly walked in, his face was full of tears.

For a time, the army swallowed. The pair of eyes filled with tears wet the heart of this Henan man. His heart seems to have a sledgehammer, and he is hitting it. He can’t help but ask himself: “What else can I give the children besides donations?

The 750 dollars that I took over many years ago, fanned its butterfly-like wings, and finally let the army give up With an annual investment of 20 million in the luggage business, we have determined our commitment to education.


Red Sea Boating, Blue Ocean Positioning

Red Sea Boating, positioning first. Despite the beginning of the venture, Qi Jun did not know much about the education industry. But it can’t stop his determination to do a good job in education. He spent half a year, and the training institutions of dozens of cities across the country, and finally found a problem that is generally difficult to solve in educational institutions —— habit.

The general educational institution, although it can help children achieve the improvement of their performance in a short period of time, but can not keep the children’s learning ability for a long time. It can’t be persisted, indicating that good study habits have not been developed.

The squad is suddenly open, and good habits are the key to maintaining your learning ability. Although in 2008 China, the education and training industry has long been a red sea, but the army is relying on this self-dedication to find a blue sea!

Finding the entry point, the problem is once again placed in him In front of. How do you build a professional teaching team?

The method is simple and repositioned.

He targeted Tsinghua University, a Chinese school with the best students and the best teachers. The choice of this location allows him to better complete the construction of the education team.

However, how can we convince the famous teachers of Tsinghua University to join in? There are Liu Bei and San Gu Mao in the ancient times. He rented a 20-square-meter house in Tsinghua University. No one introduced Tsinghua’s teacher to run on the Tsinghua campus every day.

Waiting is a kind of wisdom, and learning to wait is a great wisdom. After running for a few days, I finally saw a group of people singing on Tsinghua’s campus in the early morning of one day.

It is often said that nonsense is the first sentence of interpersonal relationship, and the fate of the Sui and Tsinghua begins with the singing without any scruples. Three days later, the army finally caught the attention of a person. The name of this person is Jiang Xinguan, a freshman instructor of the Tsinghua Automation Department and a member of the Tsinghua Commission. Qi Jun told Mr. Jiang that he was educating and hoped to be a “good habit” institution.

Teacher Jiang is very supportive of the idea of ​​the army. Through Jiang, the army has accumulated Tsinghua University professor Jiang Longguo, Tsinghua mathematics professor Lin Yuanlie, Tsinghua physics professor Deng Xinyuan, academician of the National Academy of Engineering, and former vice president of Tsinghua University. Prof. Ni Weidou, as well as good habits, and a series of expert resources such as Professor Guan Hongyu.

In 2008, a few months after the Wenchuan earthquake, an educational institution centered on Professor Qi Jun and Tsinghua University appeared in the Tsinghua LCD Building. “Intelligence is more than a few big characters.” In the eyes of the Sui Army, Zhixin is not only a noun, but also a verb, which represents the continuous transcendence of wisdom, and also represents the determination of the Suijun to make wisdom and innovation beyond the better.


Dead products, good habits, and curriculum system

With good positioning and team, you need good products. To this end, Zhixin transcends “brain knife theory,” “fishing theory,” and the crown theory. It has created classic courses such as Tsinghua Garden Brain Winter Camp, Zhiyou Trainer, Weekend Class, and three months of customary follow-up led by Professor Tsinghua.

Among them, Zhixin has become a benchmark in the industry by developing a good habit of developing a curriculum. Starting from the interests of interest, brain development, and habit formation, we will stimulate children’s interest in learning and develop good habits for children to learn.

In the opinion of the Sui Army, ordinary remedial classes are harmful to children, and the remedial classes teach The better, the more harm you have to your child. It will affect the child’s concentration in the classroom to a certain extent, and think that the knowledge in the class is not important, as long as it can be supplemented.

& ldquo; Tsinghua University students rarely go through the remedial classes, even if they rely on the remedial classes to attack Tsinghua University, there will be big problems after enrollment. Tsinghua University’s 10% annual return rate is related to this. And Zhixin goes beyond the good habit training camp. It is not the rigid knowledge given to the children, but the way to teach the children to learn, so that the children fall in love with learning.

“ Do not talk about a problem, to achieve rapid improvement in performance.

In 2013, Zhixin Beyond took the lead in joining the parent program in the summer camp.

The increase in this course stems from the fact that Zhixin has gone through the problem over and over again. Once, a helpless parent found Mr. Yan, who was beyond Zhixin. Her daughter started her junior high school and began to fall in love. She broke her heart but didn’t know how to stop it.

Through conversations with her mother, Teacher Yan was keenly aware that her child’s early love stemmed from her divorce with her husband. “Although they concealed the fact of divorce from their children, the child is the receiver of parental emotions and has long detected the emotional changes between parents. Through communication with parents, Mr. Yan suggested that parents be honest with their children about the fact that they are divorced. And educate and guide children with the professional knowledge of Tsinghua University. The child not only successfully handled the relationship with the classmate, but also learned how to live a good life.

Children’s problems are inextricably linked to parental family education. As a result, Zhixin has launched a series of home education courses, such as parent awakening classes, family education instructors … … through the setting of parental curriculum, parents understand the reasons for children’s rebellion, and have a scientific approach to children Also understand the inner world of children.

As of April 2018, Zhixin has over 260 years of experience in all kinds of summer camps. The number of students in the country is tens of thousands, and the rate of change of students is 99%. It solves many children’s interest in learning, internet addiction, partiality, and generation gap.

In April of this year, Ji Zhixin overtook the students to be admitted to the key high school in advance according to Zhang Yifei and Sun He. After jumping to high school, Yinyang student Yin Jinxier has also been sent to Peking University to get the admission notice of the famous school. High school life ended half a year earlier.


“Smart business model, there is no difficult education in the world

By 2018, Zhixin’s market share has reached 70 %, and behind this is not only relying on the deep cultivation of the product system, but also relying on the importance of the user experience.

Children who participate in Zhixin beyond the summer camp have a three-month online habitual re-training. For the iterative upgrade, the children can participate for free in the second year. Most of the children who have studied in Zhixin beyond the summer camp have offered to continue to participate in the second year, with a rate of 95%.Parental satisfaction is almost 100%. Many parents have recommended their children and relatives to come beyond Zhixin after their children come to Zhixin.

And Zhixin transcends the good interaction with parents, and also makes Zhixin go beyond the brand new “Smart” Web business model.

& ldquo;Smart Network consists of two parts: “Intelligence and”. Unlike the simple franchise cooperation methods of educational institutions in the past, Zhixin Beyond is more willing to regard itself as a “connector” of knowledge, behind which is connected with schools and parents, institutions and institutions.

In the past, education and training institutions have always avoided three pain points: the boss is tired, the profit is low, and the teachers are difficult.

Teacher salaries, venue fees, and miscellaneous fees make the general profit of training institutions only 10% & mdash; 20%. Most of the training institutions can earn up to 500 yuan a semester, and some even as low as 50 to 80. So in the education and training industry, there has always been such a ridicule: “dry training is better than selling glasses.

Not only that, but the maintenance of the customers, the training of the teachers, and the control of the teachers have made the boss exhausted. The teachers who worked so hard to train may soon be dug up by competitors.

Zhixin Beyond “Smart Network Mode” not only gives Zhixin the opportunity to surpass development, but also solves the pain points of the industry.

As a connecting point, Zhixin Transcend not only links institutions and institutions, but also exchanges excellent teaching experience. We will also share the technology and products that Zhixin has surpassed.

Zhixin has set up a special learning ability instructor. Once the organization is involved, Zhixin Beyond can provide teacher strength training, marketing promotion program (enrollment plan), brand support, and course content. Update, improve management level and many other aspects of help.

Well-known writer Wang Xiaobo once said: “Let’s live with a closed attitude. It doesn’t really mean to live.” The basic pattern of China’s education industry has been set. To break the monopoly of giants, we need the concerted efforts of small and medium-sized educational institutions.

This year is the tenth year of Zhixin’s surpassing. Qi Jun said that he will hold a three-day good family habit in Wendu Shuicheng, Beijing on May 18 this year. Education Forum “Family style casts the world, Xi Guanze world & mdash; & mdash; national wind good habits and Zhixin beyond the strongest brain learning event. This grand event forum will not only invite a number of domestic experts to impart educational experience; it will also invite Tsinghua champion Wang Yu and other academics to share their learning experiences. At the same time, this is also the first time that Zhixin has held the National Youth Learning Competition.

This conference cost millions, but the army thinks it is worth it. He said that this is the first meeting, but it will never be the last. He hopes that interested educational institutions and parents of students can come and see.

In May 2013, Qi Jun accepted an exclusive interview with CCTV’s “Struggle” column, telling himself about the embarrassing past that 750 yuan. When the sergeant was blushing, the host Fan Deng smiled. He said: “This 750 yuan is what your father-in-law gave you, but I am afraid that your self-esteem is too strong, so I will give it to you in this way.

The army listened, and there was no speech for a long time. Regardless of the truth, the 750 dollars have changed his life. Without the 750 yuan, he would not appear in the simple tent of the disaster-stricken area, nor would he see the pair of long-awaited eyes.

He still remembers the light in the eyes of the children, like the stars, lighting up the night in his life.

This article is grateful to Zhixin Beyond Chairman Mr. Qi Jun (WeChat: gengjunzxcy) for accepting the fast knife financial interview.

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