Zhou Zhonghua: Efficiency determines the competitiveness of a company

2017 (13th) Best Business Model China Summit on December 13, 2017 at Millennium Hotel Beijing Held. “Business App is the only mobile information platform designated by the conference. It will release the on-site dry goods and dynamics as soon as possible.

The following is the speech of Zhou Zhonghua, the president of the business media and the editor-in-chief of the “Business”:

Thank you, every year in this place, summing up the business model of Chinese enterprises. explore. From the first session to the present 13th, I candidly say that I have a little sense of accomplishment. It is not difficult for a person to do one thing. It is especially difficult to continue to do one thing. But when you do things, don’t think about the long time, this thing becomes particularly simple and short-lived.

Thirteen years ago, Business Review magazine was officially born. In the first year of our birth, we used the study of business models as the biggest difference between us and other commentary magazines.

I remember the magazines of commercial reviews published in mainland China at the time, the first was Harvard Business Weekly, and the second was our Business Review magazine, which has mushroomed many comments. publication. I know that many magazines are adjusting their ideas and directions, but only our Business Review magazine has continued to explore and research Chinese companies in business models.

So, over the past 13 years we have discovered a number of excellent business models for companies, which can also be called methodologies. Through our point and relying on our platform, these business models are passed on to those entrepreneurs who truly think about their own business transformation. Many people and businesses benefit from it. Because of their benefit, they have become an encouragement to us, so we continue to do this day after day, month after month, year after year, so we can still live today and continue to pay attention to business. Mode of this topic.

I am especially grateful to the entrepreneurs who have supported and cared about the Business Review magazine for the past 13 years and have been following the Business Review, researching the business model and promoting the company to keep up with the times. Thank you. you guys.

These years are the most difficult period for Chinese companies. Through the study of business models, we have been thinking about what kind of ideas and methods to lead the transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises; how to truly pass business The change and reconstruction of the model to promote their own enterprises become the enterprise of the times.

This year we selected a theme called Efficiency Refactoring. Why should we talk about efficiency? In our internal discussions and the most important theme of the era that has the greatest impact on business models, we feel that it is necessary for us to remind entrepreneurs here that we should focus on the efficiency of enterprises in the process of transformation and upgrading.

There are many factors that determine a company’s competitiveness, such as our strategic positioning, product positioning, marketing strategy and execution, but all of this can ultimately be attributed to the pursuit of a goal and efficiency. The higher the efficiency of the enterprise, the more likely this enterprise may be in a competitive position. The lower the efficiency of the enterprise, it is obvious that in the process, in the face of competitors, we may have poor response in our market, poor internal coordination mechanism, insufficient efficiency in all aspects of information flow, logistics and capital flow, serious Affect the pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading.

As the saying goes, the boat is a good turn. In general, small businesses may be more efficient than large ones. There are many different effects on business efficiency, so I think the most important impact on business efficiency in recent years is the application of new technologies in enterprises.

I have done a lot of research on new technologies in recent years, first the Internet, followed by the mobile Internet, again smart, then AI, and finally numbers. Why do we say this because we are flattening our information in the process of efficiency re-engineering, and intelligence makes us change from passive to active response. Then, what is the most important meaning of the data? We can clearly know that in the past, we used the product to the target and the user to guess the process that the user liked. Today, from raw materials to factories, to channels, to the end, what do users think? We use the data to accurately grasp, then this transformation is actually brought to us by technology.

Just like “Business” In the past 23 years, we have printed and distributed 170 million magazines. If I knew this thing was very important 23 years ago, we have accumulated data since then, we Today is more powerful than many Internet companies. But in the past, thousands of readers have frankly told me that I can’t even find 1,700. This is the efficiency of the past. Compared to the important impact of today’s new technologies on efficiency, we can feel the difference very intuitively.

So how do we understand the impact of efficiency on the business model of the business in this process? There are a lot of companies that provide us with very good cases, such as those that have been very popular last year. It is actually through technology, in the reconfiguration of our resources, such as the Nash space we talk about and the short-term rent of pigs, are the sharing of space, and the real response to the needs of end users from the data point of view, I I think this is a particularly important point.

Colleagues who got the whole process today can see that we have a new institution called Jiazhou Business Media, which is our own exploration of business models.

We have made very important changes in the exploration and development of business models this year. We started to go online from the offline. In the past, we promoted and disseminated the wisdom of the business model online. Now we are ready to do both business model research and business model training, and have good development prospects and quality business. The model of these outstanding companies, equity investment, this is our restructuring from the perspective of efficiency, the business model. Since we have researched a quality company, we can carry out a one-stop service, which is ourHave explored the business model.

For a while, Zheng Xiangzhou, the chairman of Jiazhou Business, will share with you the simple model analysis of Jiazhou’s business media.

Finally, I want to say a few words. Today, from a global perspective, China is still the most dynamic and most promising market. Why is there such a judgment? All enterprises are thinking about their own changes. All enterprises are exploring the development of enterprises. The pursuit of wealth and enthusiasm of all people have never changed. You can imagine whether there is hope in such a market. The reason why we have so many people here to study here is that we hope to use our stone to change our own business, to explore the next business model, and to adjust our own business through the experience and methodology of others. So I am full of confidence in the current and future of the entire Chinese market.

Finally, in any case, the scenery is unique in the East, and I hope that the entrepreneurs here today will be able to gain a better advantage in the next year’s competition, because you are with us.

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